Below Ground Drainage Systems

The drainage system that you have in your home is very important for keeping away rain water. There are quite a number of drainage systems that you can deploy in your home, lawn or even garden depending on your preferences and many other factors. However, many people usually do not want to see any of this running water in either open pipes or trenches – making it necessary for them to invest in below ground drainage systems for their homes. This involves routing water through a series of underground channels and pipes into the correct location.

When installing this system, you need to be very careful. First, if you are using pipes, they should be properly laid and away from your plants’ roots or the material used must be sturdy enough to prevent those roots from damaging the pipes. If you do this during the installation phase, then you can say goodbye to all drainage problems in your home.

Types of underground drainage systems

There are several ways that an underground drainage system can be implemented depending on the water problems that you want to solve.

Corrugated pipe drainage diverters are a simple solution that can be used for standing water in the garden. This option works well in areas where the slope is not sufficient to relocate the water. It involves digging one and half feet trenches for the corrugated pipes to be laid into. The water is fed into these pipes via a drainage gate. Most of these systems will have a pop emitter at the end which usually camouflages the drainage site.

French drains are similar to corrugated piping drainage except that they are meant to get rid of any surface water from around your home. A simple French drain has a system of porous pipes that allows water to percolate into them from the surface and then be redirected to the right place. Other than draining ground water, they are also effective in handling underground water as well.

You can see here to learn more about the various types of various types of drainage systems.

Importance of below ground drainage systems

Regardless of the underground system that you employ on your property, its importance cannot be overlooked. In fact, people use these systems because of the numerous benefits that they offer them not only on their farms but also in beautifying their homes.

The ability to reduce if not prevent soil erosion is the main reason that people go for below ground systems. They play a key role in diverting ground water that may contribute to the flooding that we see here in the UK more and more often. They also help in maintaining balanced moisture in the soil which also reduces soil erosion.

Flash floods are usually associated with a number of problems including toxic materials and even diseases. However, if you have a proper drainage system, all this harmful flood water is redirected underground through a series of pipes eliminating possible human contact that could have been dangerous.

Lastly, these systems of pipes and drain basins are essential in preventing water accumulation. If water accumulates in your garden, your plants may not be able to survive the excess water.

Investing in a drainage system is a necessity for those people who live in rainy areas. Such a system will offer you an opening to reroute water from your gutters and any other surface water around your home, thereby increasing the value of your property.

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