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I am a creature of habit from time-to-time. However, I do not always like forming habits. I prefer to “jazz” up my life and try new things, whereas others would rather just do the same activities repetitively. To spice things up for myself, I wanted to take my family on a new vacation trip with an array of activities. Waltzing WatersSince I have two young children – a 19-month-old daughter and 5-year-old son – a trip had to be planned with kid activities for my children to also enjoy.

It was all simple when I was looking online. I found Waltzing Waters in Cape Coral, Florida – the world’s foremost leaders in water, light and music productions. The activities online seemed to be suitable for both my children and me to enjoy without anyone being left out of the fun.

The Trip

I live up north in New Jersey, so you can imagine how long of a road trip to Cape Coral, FL really runs. 20 hours – minimal sleep and no pit stops to a hotel – of road is all we saw until we hit Cape Coral. Naturally, we settled ourselves in first by checking into the hotel, showering and sleeping. After we were all rested and ready to get the day going, we moved on to Waltzing Waters.

Waltzing Waters

As soon as we entered Waltzing Waters, we knew we had chosen the perfect vacation spot. The smile on my kids’ faces illuminated and they were ready to enjoy themselves.

It was a sunny day, so we were unable to see the outdoor activities until later that evening, so we began our adventure inside. Walking into the auditorium, it was like being in a huge room filled with water and lights. As we waited for the show to start, we picked up a pamphlet on the way inside.

We skimmed through the pamphlet and learned that almost every building inside had a musical water show. The lights that make up the auditorium lights are four times brighter than most other places because they do not use glass bulbs.

Outdoor spectacles

We resumed our trip to the outdoor themes next. A self-contained pool is the most common method for Waltzing Waters to install their oudoor shows. While swimming, you are given your own musical water show filled with lights.

Other methods from what I read in the pamphlets is through:

  • Self-contained floatation devices;
  • Platform within a large pool or lake; and
  • Floated on a barge.

Each water show we saw seemed to have been well-planned by the company with minimal interferences. The company gloats that it has virtually no maintenance required on many of their light shows and, from my experience, they held true to their word.


We enjoyed our time at Cape Coral, Florida during the lightshows. When we weren’t at the lightshows, we were relaxing somewhere, reminiscing about them. I recommend this for anyone who wants something “fun” to do by themselves or with their family.

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