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Germans have always been recognized in the field oftechnology and engineering. They are, perhaps, most known for making automobiles. From automobile behemoths such as Audi,Porsche and Mercedes-Benz to the more affordable Volkswagen,Germans produce high quality cars for virtually all strata of society.No wonder German mechanics,technicians and automobile engineers have been leaders of the automobile world for a substantial period of time.

Experience Comfort: Benefits and Drawbacks Highlighted

imagesThe Citroen Berlingo is a revolution in the automobile industry. Manufactured primarily to meet the unique needs of a family,this multi-purpose vehiclefocuses less on the style quotient and more on practicality and utility for the whole family.Available in petrol,diesel,electric and CNG,the descendant of the Citroen 2CV is somewhat rectangular,box-like in appearance and has tons of space in the boot. The latter makes it an ideal car for taking a road trip vacation with the entire family. Easy on the pocket and environment,this car comes with great on-road benefits,which have always been the forte of Citroen automobile manufacturers.

The spaciousness of the car, however, is accompanied by some minor setbacks;the overall width of the car makes it a handful to maneuver roads that are not wide enough for a van or a parking spot. This car has been designed to serve as both a van and an MPV instead of merely upgrading it from a commercial vehicle to a passenger car.Added to this are the sleeker front and attractive wheel arches. Also worth mentioning are the high roofing and removable seats,which make this car able to fit about anything inside it.

Market Demand

Even though the car stands a little lower when compared to its competitors on the grounds of versatility and value for money,it still has some strong benefits. When faced with the decision of choosing from a list of options,the car stands out in terms of reasonable fuel consumption,good torque and acceleration, which is 30-70 km/h better than most cars in the same market category.Again,the car suffers a minor setback in gear handling and reduced performance in entry-level petrol and diesel.The car also seems somewhat difficult to steer,although that should not be an issue with an average driver. Add to this the smooth hum of the engine and ability to handle most roads with ease;you have got yourself a car that delivers on arguably all counts.

The Citroen Berlingo is a definite choice to opt for if you are looking for a vehicle that is handy,comfortable,spacious has plenty of room for the whole family and does not burn a hole through your pocket. The car delivers on every aspect – go for it,and you will not have to look back!

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