Is It Difficult For Women To Overcome Addiction?

Getting addicted to porn is not unnatural for the woman if it is perceived in the case of the guys. In fact a scientific examination has proven that the women of this age are becoming addicted to porn. It is not only limited to only men. People often consider watching porn as a common man’s problem. And according to a record, it was observed that seventy percent of individuals dealing with the issue regarding porn and seeking out porn with female followers of twenty-eight per cent. In other studies, this percentage is increased to thirty. It is possible and is in fact proven that females overcoming porn addiction and equally caught up in this habit too.

Difficult For Women To Overcome Addiction

Difficult For Women To Overcome Addiction

The feelings and nature related to this addiction

Each woman has unique experiences regarding porn addiction. There are various themes broadcasted by the porn sites, and every female has different desires and way of seeing it. These categories are varied in numbers. Such items, for instance, guilt or shame, conveying messages from society and church, the sense of worthlessness and a vast trouble of being misunderstood, work in the psychology of the women. It is tough for anyone to overcome an addiction within a day or a fortnight. It is true that several people like watching pornography and enjoy it without being addicted. It works as the same way people get addicted to alcohol or chemical addiction and never suffer a long lasting addiction towards it. It also does not indicate that it is not addictive easily. But there are, of course, chances as well as options to get over this habit, and the result of females overcoming porn addiction is proven.

The reason for the addiction

According to a survey conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Research, around forty-nine percent of female confirms that watching pornography is a general method of demonstrating their sexuality. The availability of porn since childhood is nothing new. Many teenage girls are watching porn for at least half an hour, and one among these seven girls is watching it in various instances. The person who is suffering the addiction finds it a comforting way to achieve a natural high as well as emotional satisfaction. It is natural for an addict to consider their substances in most of the times. They wait to do these same activities again and again. Not only that, they make it a schedule for every day. This habit gets involved in the relationship. They either conceal their addiction or desires people to understand their urge to it. They even make excuses or avoid social circumstances to be eligible to spend time on it.

An addict is only concerned with the things; they do like. They are not easily convinced of to get over the addiction and continue to do it until they are satisfied enough. They avoid all kinds of suggestions and advice because it does not make them feel the way addiction is doing. They do not perceive it as a problem at all.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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