Simple Winter Wedding Themes

The winter season can be a hectic one, with all the holidays that fall this time of the year. That’s why you may find the idea of choosing a simple theme for your winter wedding to be appealing.

Wedding themes don’t have to be fancy or complicated as sometimes an understated theme is the best choice. For a relaxing experience in the face of a fast paced time in your life, you can incorporate a soft and natural laid back feel as your winter wedding theme. This theme allows you to acknowledge the beauty of the season, including snow falling softly and tree branches without leaves on your wedding day. To fit in with the simple theme, your décor can be as basic as using white fabrics and elements of wood to create a cozy atmosphere. Rather than harsh overhead lighting consider using strategically placed candles to add to the coziness.

To connect with nature on your wedding day without exposing your guests to the harsh elements of winter, consider bringing a virtual forest into your wedding venue. You can do this by preparing creative table centerpieces such as small terrariums and incorporating nature images into your wedding invitations, place cards and more.

A winter themed animal wedding can be a fun and simple idea that you and your guests will enjoy. Winter animals such as penguins and polar bears are easy to use in your wedding day choices.

For a simple Christmas theme for your winter wedding, it is easy to stick to the theme by incorporating red, green and gold into your décor, food and more. Miniature Christmas stockings can serve as wedding favors, decorations or even table centerpieces. Decorating your wedding reception with a Christmas tree can be the finishing touch on a magical holiday wedding.

Keeping your wedding theme even simpler is as easy as basing your choices on seasonal berries and appropriate colors. Berries are such a diverse ingredient that they can be used in desserts, drinks and even the main dishes for your wedding reception. You also have some easy, simple options for décor with a berry theme. They can be used to create appropriate centerpieces as well; just stick a few flowers and wedding sparklers in a vase and garnish the edges with delicious berries. The richness of the colors that fit into a berry themed wedding allows you to create a warm and loving environment.

If the winter season is your favorite time for crafts, a simple wedding theme that is appropriate is a do-it-yourself craft theme. In addition to showing off your creative side, this simple wedding idea allows you to put a more personal touch on your wedding day. When you create everything from the décor to the wedding favors, to your centerpieces to the dishes and cocktails served you are taking an active part in turning your wedding day dreams into a reality.

Each of these simple themes can help you plan an unforgettable winter wedding that you will be able to enjoy. The simplicity of the planning leaves you energy to celebrate.

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