Stylish Ways To Wear Plaid To Up Your Style Game!

Plaid is a special woolen chequered pattern that has always been in style. Plaid can be worn in a variety of ways and has always been a hit even on red carpets with celebrities rocking the look with ease and sophistication. It is the one look which cannot go wrong and always looks classy no matter what.

Here are a few stylish ways to carry off plaid on your next outing no matter what time of day it is as you’ll surely be a fashion hit without a doubt:

Plaid Dress

A plaid dress looks extremely fashionable as well as has a vintage touch which makes it a great look for both evenings and afternoon outings. You can pair the plaid dress with smart ankle length boots or even knee length boots. Keep the accessories simple as you want the dress to do the talking for you. You could wear stockings as well to give it that chic look. However the dress with just boots looks stunning always.


Plaid sweaters are another look that can never go out of style. You can wear a pair of casual jeans, throw on a plaid sweater which will transform your look from simple to chic in no time. This is one look that will surely turn heads and you can even pair the sweater with a pair of tights or jeggings to really take the look to a whole new level. Throw in stylish boots to this and you’re ready to make the street your runway! Check out the amazing collection of plaid sweaters and thousand other attires using jabong coupons to help you bring your wardrobe to life.


Plaid can also look extremely gorgeous on pants. Go in for a fun color of blue or red mixed with black and white and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Pair it with a pastel color shirt, a high collared shirt, a halter top and if it’s nippy outside, then throw on a simple sweater or coat on top. Pair this look with stylish ankle boots or sneakers and you have at your hands a comfortable yet chic look.


One of the trendiest way to wear plaid which can never fail is wearing a plaid coat. It’s the perfect winter accessory you absolutely must own as it makes you look like a style diva. Pair your plaid coat with a smart formal top of semi formal top and wear a pair of jeggings and well fitting jeans. You can go in for a short coat or a knee length coat as they both look effortlessly stylish. The coat can also go over trousers and look like a style goddess every winter without fail! Find an amazing collection of coats and other fashionable clothes using trendin coupons to breath color into your wardrobe.

Plaid Skirt

A plaid skirt is the perfect accessory for any event be it a casual date with your girls, a night out or a stylish date with your better half. Plaid skirt look great with crop tops, halter tops, as well as skivvy tops that give it an edgy but a very formal look at the same time. Go in for a skirt with demure colors such as blue or green and pair it with a pastel top and you’re set to hit any event that comes your way!

Try out these amazing plaid styles and attires to help you become a style goddess. Plaid is such a universal look that you can wear it for mostly every occasion be it formal or casual and always be at the top of your style game!


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