The Tradition Of Gifting Flowers

Flowers have been the expression of our feelings from ancient times. Sometimes they tell about our love and care while other times they are the symbol of our grief. They are ether most special creations of nature may be because ether is very beautiful. The sight of fresh flowers is pleasing to the eyes and mesmerising. There is no one who cannot feel happy after receiving a bouquet of flowers.

A bunch of flowers can brighten your dull day and provoke different types of emotional responses. The smell and touch of flowers can be soothing and heartening. For any event or celebration, flowers are the best gifts that you can come up with. They are appropriate for situation and will not even cost you more.

The tradition –

It is not a new idea of gifting flowers. From many years, people have been gifting flowers to be loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Flowers are also the traditional gifts during condolence and funerals. It is the symbol of comfort to the grieving. Traditionally, flowers were given to woman by the men who were interested in her. It was a sign of seeking her friendship. Today, flowers can be given to friends as well as lovers.

The events in which gifting flowers is appropriate –

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Funeral
  • Valentine’s day
  • Get well soon
  • New year
  • Festivals
  • A special milestone
  • Professional achievements
  • Or simply when you feel like

Availability –

One of the most important reasons for flowers to be such popular gifts is the availability of them in any place. It is like, when everything else fails, you have flowers. They are available almost on every corner of the roads and Florist in Jaipur shops. You also have them growing in your garden and they can also be ordered online. Also, flowers are the safe gifts that do not send any extra message than necessary. They can be used in formal events as well as very intimate times.

Reason for flower being such a famous gift –

  • Its beauty
  • Its fragrance and attractiveness
  • Its availability
  • Its reasonable price
  • Its significance and specialty

Though flowers are the best gift, you must make sure that you are picking the right flowers of the right colour for the particular event. This is because each coloured flower symbolises something different.

While a red rose is the symbol of love, white rose represents compassion and yellow rose is for friendship. Pink rose is for happiness. Red Carnations too represent love while peach carnations are for devotion. Orchids are special flowers that represent exquisite beauty. Lilies are stately flowers that represent love and care. They are sophisticated flowers given to truly loved ones and business people.

Flowers are the best symbol of love and affection. So, next time you feel like expressing your love to someone you care for, do not wait for an occasion. Just order for flower delivery jaipur and make the person feel loved.

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