Tools To Be More Efficient In The Office

Every business, new or established, has their own set of challenges and innovative tools designed to improve workflows and enable a more efficient environment can prove invaluable. Effective solutions for all those time-consuming tasks alleviate much of the extra stress that can befall a team, office or organisation as a result of faltering practices and processes, helping individuals and groups to be more productive, and businesses to cutback on spending.

  1. Google Docs allows you to create, store, and share documents online. It already includes a word processing application, databases, presentations and spreadsheets and more. It’s similar to Word but it has online storage built in. It’s great for keeping documents all in once place and keeps them moving from team member to team member seamlessly.
  1. ExpenseIn is a cloud-based expense management app and web-based service that simplifies that task of filing expenses and applying policies. In the web service you can simply create and amend policies and approval flows. In the app you can store receipts, manage expenses and review claims.
  1. Roboform is a password manager that makes it easy to keep track of various passwords and saves you the time of having to type them in on every separateoccasion. It might only shave off seconds of your busy day, but every second counts when there are important tasks at hand.
  1. Producteev is a task management software that allows you to manage different workers and break down work and complex tasks in order to delegate. It has tracking features that allow you to see who is on track and who needs to be followed up with.
  1. Google voice allows you to set up a phone number that forwards to a different number of your choice. If you’re busy, on the phone, or unavailable, all calls will be forwarded to the number of your choosing. People will be able to get in touch with you directly but it will preserve your anonymity. It’s great for getting a UK number when you’re travelling or living elsewhere.

With tasks flying around and stress levels high, it’s best to find ways to be more efficient in the workplace. As they say “time is money” and every second counts. Use these tools to create a smooth ride through your working day without any complications.

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