What Are The Prime Reasons To Donate Sperm?

What is the motivation for a man to donate sperm? For them the reasons are varied and the choice is theirs entirely. Their main wish is to help people who are less fortunate and enhance their own fertility as a token of love. Most of the sperm banks in Navi Mumbai operate on this concept and some of them feel that there is a social responsibility behind this donation part. The idea of passing their genes to someone appeals them and if someone has fertility problems, a little bit of gesture can turn their life upside down. They feel that for a small inconvenience in their life, they can go on to make a significant difference in the life of other people. Till now the demand for women was more and slowly the times are changing. More and more people are shedding their shyness and coming to donate sperm.

How to become a sperm donor

Sperm bank Mumbai has outlined a series of steps for an individual to become a sperm donor.

You need to apply online

If you are of helping nature and belong to the age group of 18 to 41 years, you just need to fill in an application form on the website and the company will get in touch with you. In certain cases, companies do not encourage a donor if they are above the age of 39 years

The first meeting

At the first meeting, you will be presented with a questionnaire that you would need to complete. This would include your personal or family history or whether you had an incidence of any disease in the past. You will be asked your passport or driving license as a token of identification.

After this stage, you would be asked to produce a sample of your sperm. To ensure that it is analysed at the most optimum level, it is mandatory that you abstain from masturbation or any form of sexual intercourse three days prior to donation. In that event, you can produce the best form of sperm for donating.


Throughout the process of donating sperm, the whole idea is to make you as comfortable as possible. This is in an atmosphere which is welcoming and warm. Once the sperm is analysed with a time frame of 48 hours, you will be conveyed the information on whether your sperm is suitable for donation or not. The sperm sample is checked for sperm motility, count, shape and in the midst of all this, a sperm freezing is done to understand on whether your sperm is suitable for freezing or not. In this regard, the guidelines of the WHO are followed to determine whether your sperm meets the required standards.

Some other information about sperm donation?

Many women are faced with the tricky situation that they cannot bear children because their husband is infertile or they do not have a male partner. These infertility problems can be avoided when you get in touch with a reputed sperm bank. At the first appointment, you can discuss the process of sperm donation with the team of doctors and before you proceed you are required to part of some texts. This is to certify that you are free from any form of a sexually transmitted disease.


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