What Paperwork Should I Find For My Accident Lawyer?

When you make contact with a compensation helpline for accidents, there are a few things that your claims advisor will seek to ascertain. The main thing is your eligibility to make a claim. With regards to this, the date of your accident and how it happened are the most important facts. You have three years from the date your injuries became clear to make a personal injury claim, and if the accident wasn’t your fault, then the law states that you are legally entitled to financial compensation.

If after your chat with a claims advisor you would like to go ahead and make a claim, then if you called a larger law firm, a solicitor who specialises in your kind of accident claim will be assigned to your case. The claims process begins with an interview, where your solicitor will ask you questions surrounding your accident, your injuries and your medical treatment.

Before you attend your interview, however, your solicitor will ask you to bring some things along. These may include (if applicable):

  • Details regarding the medical care you received;
  • Medical reports relating to your accident;
  • Police reports relating to your accident;
  • Any witness statements from colleagues or members of the public;
  • A detailed write-up of the events leading up the accident, what happened during the accident and what happened in the aftermath.

The last point is the most important. In order to build a compelling case for compensation on your behalf, your solicitor needs to know exactly what happened. They need to know who, if anyone, was responsible for the accident. Only if the accident was somebody else’s fault, or you weren’t to blame, will you have a strong case for compensation.

After your interview, your solicitor will handle everything else. It is unlikely you will have to meet up with your solicitor again. Your solicitor will organise a medical examination for you with a specialist in your injuries. This medical report will be used to come up with a fair and proportionate settlement figure, and it will be presented to other party, who will be free to investigate the claim on their side.

When it comes to how lengthy the claims process is, the good news is most claims are processed within 6-8 weeks if a competent solicitor is on the case. So, you could have your compensation a lot sooner than you think and this will no doubt help you to get back to your normal everyday life. If your solicitor needs anything else from you during the claims process, they will ask. However, most of the time an initial interview is enough to ascertain the facts and build a case for financial compensation.

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