Why Buy Gold?

Buying gold has become the basis of many governments and investors who seek to secure their assets by converting cash to gold in order to shield their assets from economic storms. The raise in the price of gold in 2009 – 2012 has given many investors the opportunity to convert their money.

The raise in the value of gold is often seen as an indicator of unstable monetary situations. Gold has seen a slight slide in the second quarter of 2013 due to economic gains from most industrial sectors and economic growths that were noted in big economies such as China, India, Japan, South East Asia and most of the other European countries including America and Australia.

Trading gold hit a low end in the end of the 2 quarter of 2013 due to heavy selling of the precious metal. As the prices of gold fell towards the middle of the year, most gold traders were scrambling to sell, when in actual fact they should be buying gold. Gold prices have been stable for a very long time and most seasoned gold traders were seen buying up the unseasoned gold traders stocks as they were selling. Last week gold prices started increasing again and this shall be the normal trend as it has been for the past 5 thousand years.

Gold and silver are precious metals that may fluctuate in value for short duration of time but are bound to recover within a year if not sooner. As such it is crucial for gold buyers and gold sellers to be aware of the fundamental character of gold. Due to the very fact that gold cannot be printed like how money gets printed at the whims and fancies of government seeking to pay their debts, gold is scarce and thus it need to be mined.

As most of the surface gold in the world has already been mined, gold will reach a stable value in due time that will not change for long extended periods of time. Due to global demand for gold that is becoming scarcer as the population increases and the mines being depleted. The focus of gold trading might shift to silver trade, but that is left to be seen as silver is still plenty in natural reserves compared to that of gold. As it remains buying gold remains as an advantage to secure assets that will help shelter investors from economic downturns.

What investors should essentially know about gold or silver investments is that it should not be considered or treated as a speculative commodity or asset; instead precious metals should be treated as wealth security prospects and as a means to bolster your wealth from economic pressures.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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