Wonderful Trekking And Camp Spots Around Bangalore

Trekking keeps one on the road, always looking for new ways and adventures. This is why there are many youngsters in the pack of trekkers. Bangalore treks are always exciting. But, the adventure begins when one moves a little away from Bangalore.

Skandagiri hill trek

This short trek will take around 3 hours to complete and covers a distance of about 4 kilometres. It is not too difficult and beginners too will be able to negotiate it easily. Skandagiri is situated about 65 km from Bangalore. The beginning point of the trek is the Papagni math. You can get to the place using the Google Maps.

Walk to the rocks across the plain and search for the sign TO HILLS and hit the trail. You have many small markings to guide you through to the end. Guides offer their assistance for Rs 300 but you can make it up on your own to the top. There is parking space near the hills for your automobile. But, if you leave your car unattended, there might be some miscreant who wants to break the windows.

Revana Siddheshwara Betta Temple trek

You reach this place from Ramanagara after a 13 km drive. The temple is situated on top of the hill. Night trek is not encouraged here. The entire trek will take half an hour.

Savandurga hill trek

This dam site offers wonderful scenes of nature but one should abstain from swimming as a number of people have drowned here. The Manchanabele dam is otherwise wonderful. The trek takes 3 hours and the distance is 4 km.

Kodachadri trek

This is a long trek that takes 6 hours. You cover 10 km in the course of the trek. The place is 420 km from Bangalore and you can easily drive in your own vehicle to Kodachadri. The last part of the trip has bad roads and is uphill. The nearest town is Kollur which is 20 km away from Kodachadri. You have several home stay options. You can get the details of this from the jeep stand. During the monsoon seasons the muddy roads will turn slushy and driving conditions will turn bad.

You cannot pitch a tent on the peak but once you return to the PWD house, you can pitch your tent. You might have to pay some charges for this like Rs 120 per head. The things to see at Kodachadri are these:

  1. Moolasthana: A temple near the PWD house that people believe is the place of origin of Sri Mookambika Devi.
  2. Sunrise and sunset at the peak: You can see wonderful views of the sunrise and sunset. It is lovely for photography buffs.
  3. Sarvajena Peetha: This is a mandapa at the peak where people believe that Adi Shankara meditated.

While you might consider longer treks lasting two or three days, they are often filled with lots of compromises. Your overnight stay and the food might not be everything you look forward to. But, if you like the thrill of the travel and seeing exotic places more, then you can choose the longer trip and trekking in bangalore. But, until then, stick to the one day treks and enjoy.


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