With the sun finally beginning to shine, many of us are now ditching our heavy knitwear and winter coats in favour of lighter clothes. Without a doubt, one of the trendiest pieces for the spring and summer months is the varsity jacket. This is the perfect example of just how influential high school trends are – whilst many American teen athletes will have worn these jackets for years, now people from all around the world are donning this stylish piece of outerwear. It adds an instant pop of colour and some nostalgic high school charm to an ensemble. Not quite as coy as the boyfriend jacket and not quite as tough as the biker jacket, this item serves as the perfect balance between sweet and edgy during the summer months.

Whilst there are still some heavier varsity jackets available in the shops, these are now being replaced by lighter versions which are cut in a leaner, more fitted style, which will work much better with lighter summer vests, skirts and dresses. The look of the classic varsity jacket has also been updated to include things like additional zippered pockets and rows of buttons.

Styling the varsity jacket for summer:

If you’re keen to try out lighter, floaty dresses and skirts in pretty prints this summer, but feel a If you’re keen to try out lighter, floaty dresses and skirts in pretty prints this summer. You can pair it with romantic lace and frills, balancing out the ensemble and creating an edgier look. If you prefer the preppy look, team this jacket with some boat shoes, a cosy thin-knit jumper or a chic, crisp white blouse. This type of outfit is perfect for a summer stroll on the beach or a picnic at the park. Those who have a more casual, laid back style can wear the varsity jacket with some retro high top sneakers, a simple long white tee and some leggings; this is the ultimate look if you’re aiming for cool but comfortable.

Although it might come as a surprise to some, the varsity jacket can also work beautifully with a sophisticated outfit. If you’re aiming for smart but edgy, try wearing a statement necklace, a sheer blouse, a pencil skirt and a varsity jacket slung over your shoulders. Another, slightly more subtle option is to switch the pencil skirt for some fitted skinny jeans or trousers.

Choose wisely:

You can buy varsity jackets online in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, so take some time to look at what styles are available and find the one which is best for your particular figure.

Make sure to choose a varsity jacket in a shape that works with your body type; the larger, bulkier styles won’t flatter a curvaceous silhouette, but will look great on anyone with a more boyish figure. Conversely, curvier ladies will look fantastic in lighter, shorter versions of this jacket, which nip in at the waist.

Shannon Bright is a freelance fashion writer who loves discovering which items are hot off the catwalks. She offers tips on everything from how to buy varsity jackets online to how to style your favourite outfits with the latest accessories.

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