Basic Requirements To Get Under The Direct Entry Stream

The applicant who had received employer nominations, are actually not qualified under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and had never worked for or had worked for a small duration, that is, for months in Australia then they can also apply for subclass 186 employer nominated permanent residence visa Australia.

There are some basic requirements to get under the Direct Entry Stream. To know those requirements, please read the below sentences carefully.

    • Applicant are required an approval nomination for a job position under direct entry stream 186. After getting this approval it will be easier for them to get the job position. Without this approval, getting job in Australia will always remain only a dream.
    • They should either have NIL or less work experience in Australia. If you are having more experience then getting this visa is not possible.
    • So, it can also be said that, the applicant has a Temporary skilled work visa. It means, by this visa it is not possible for you to stay in Australia for permanently.
  • And very important, it may sound weird but it is very important that the applicant should submit the visa application from outside the Australia. If you are already living in Australia then you can not apply for this visa again. It means, you have to be outside of Australia to fill the application.

Eligibility criteria:

As an applicant you must fulfill the criteria to get eligible visa are given below. Without this eligibility it is totally impossible to get the visa.

    • You have to be less than 45 years. Having more age than 45 years can make you exempt from age criteria. This new rule has been introduced after March 2018. Before March 2018, the people of 50 years old or less than that can apply for the visa. So if you were waiting for the next year and had crossed you 45 years age then your dream is not possible at all to be succeed.
    • You must be having nomination by an Australian employer who is legally operating in Australia. If you are not having any application from an Australian employer then it is again not possible to achieve your dream.
    • Must apply for the visa within 6 months, not more than that if you want to get in the nomination. If you take time more than this then it will not make others to grant you the application.
    • You must have required skills and qualification for the position. Failing in this criteria can make your dream to be broken.
    • And if you are being exempt for your English, then you should carry the evidence of English Language proficiency. Or else if you get selected in the English Proficiency test then there is no use of your evidence. But still having a back up is not a wrong decision at all.
  • Requirements of the Health and Character ir very important.

And be sure you have filled all the criteria in which you have applied. If you get failed in this then fulfilling yourself dream will be very hard to get fulfilled.

Author: Lee Walters

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