Benefits of a Technology Free Bedroom

two-bedroom-02Advancing technology can only be viewed in a positive light. We can stay informed, connected, engaged and entertained 24 hours a day if we choose to. Technology has become more accessible, more portable and basically it’s everywhere. This is a great thing but then it has some negative impacts.

Technology is now finding its way into parts of our lives where it shouldn’t impede, places such as the dinner table, during conversations and in the bedroom. These environments are somewhere where technology simply isn’t necessary and it’s time to put that phone down. You may find that after you’ve learned some of these tips you find yourself saying “I’m going to sell my laptop” and enjoy even more tech free time. Below we’re looking at the benefits of a tech free bedroom.

Better Sleep

Studies have been consistent in their findings when it comes to the relationship between technology and sleep. The more television people watch before bedtime, the more their sleep is affected. What’s more, artificial light exposure between the sun setting and bed time makes falling and staying asleep much more difficult too.

Better Conversation

Many of the most important conversations of your life will take place in the bedroom. The most important and intimate discussions will be between you and your partner in bed. Having your phone in your hand limits this conversation and then you’re missing out on time and discussion with the person who means most to you.

Better Reflection

Relaxing in the evening time without tech gives you more time to evaluate and reflect upon your day. You can spend more time assessing how you can ensure the next day is better and avoid repetitive mistakes happening time and again.

More Books

Bed time is a great time to enjoy a fantastic book. Reading is a brilliant past time and you can enjoy all the entertainment of the television without the brain-zapping artificial light. More reading can only be beneficial to your life.

Keep it off

Many of us make the fatal error of checking our email before we even leave bed. This is detrimental to family life and starts the working day before you’ve even got dressed. The best option is to avoid all technology until work starts and then dip into all the necessary networks.

Better Family Relationship

Removing technology from any bedroom fosters and develops human interaction. Children without TVs and consoles in their rooms are more likely to spend time downstairs with their parents and if the television is switched off you can spend time genuinely bonding with your children and enjoying their company.

A Room for a Purpose

Every room in your home naturally has a purpose and sticking to its real purpose makes it more effective. You wouldn’t sleep in your kitchen or eat in your bathroom so you should simply use your bedroom as a place to sleep, in your bed. Offices are for working and your living room is for entertaining so keep your tech in the areas it’s most useful.


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