Cognitive Ability Test – Key To More Productivity

You as the representative of the top management level of an organization basically are concerned with various operational segments like purchase, sales, billing, debt recovery, budget preparation and recruitment. The last segment is the most crucial because the persons you select will be part of your operation team and in case of wrong selection; you lose both in time and money. The traditional methods of selections which include written test, group discussions and interviews cannot measure the cognitive ability to the true sense. As a way out you can resort to the various assessments software available in this regard which are effective and reasonable and in the end you select the best person. These types of assessment test consist of reasoning questions in three sections which include numerical, verbal and abstract. Very interestingly, there will be a separate set of question paper for each candidate and the test gets much more difficult as the candidate progress further in the test procedure.

Online Advantages

Cognitive Ability Assessment Test can be of two types either online or offline. The advantages of the online options are:

  • Better Time Management
  • Reduced cost
  • Secured Examination Process
  • Correct Record Maintenance
  • Changes are allowed

Only when the cognitive ability is at a high level then the personnel can take decisions correctly, perform more efficiently, take advantage of better reasoning skills to solve problems and be the person fit to handle crisis. The test results reflect the candidate’s capability to learn, retain and apply various types of information in different circumstances. You as a business head also can assess the potential performance levels of the candidates from the test results. This assessment can be made with reference to type of industry and group of activities. It is in fact a psychometric test covering sections like numerical, deductive, logical and verbal. Moreover, such tests are keys to the management to assess the potential of candidates in specific areas.

Reading the Mental Ability

This type of test is involved with assessing the candidate’s mental ability, personal virtues, intelligence, interests and motivations. Basically aptitude and personal tests are the two main components of cognitive ability test. The first type of test deals with the particular nature of candidate’s skill and the second one deal with personal conviction, ideas and beliefs. The logical reasoning sections emphasis on the ability of the candidate to perform in certain circumstances including the crisis situations. It is not that the set of tests is same for all the candidates which have been mentioned earlier. It all depends in what capacity or in which job the candidate will be inducted. For example in case of selecting an engineer emphasis should be on the inductive tests.

 The personality tests also are an integral part of cognitive ability assessment because here the test results will show the behavioural attitudes and tendency which affects the process of decision making and problem solving. This sort of package enable the business heads to make the recruitment procedure effective, full proof and secured. The deviation from the traditional mode of recruitment has a definite edge for the business heads so that higher rate on investment is ensured in future.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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