Coping With Digestive Problems During The Course Of Pregnancy

Constipation, heartburn, haemorrhoids,  belching and flatulence are all part of pregnancy . Meds for pregnancy digestion can ensure relief but it is a problem that is nothing to be embarrassed during pregnancy. If you find yourselves straining too hard during bowel movement, when the tools are difficult and hard to pass, then you are a victim of constipation.


Most of pregnancy digestive problems start with constipation. This is prevalent in pregnant women for a variety of reasons

  • During pregnancy the levels of certain hormones increase and this relaxes the muscles of the bowel that makes it hard for the stool to pass
  • The uterus is at a growing phase where pressure is put on the bowel and disrupts normal function
  • Presence of iron in your vitamin supplement does make the stool dry and difficult to pass.

Considering that constipation is a part of pregnancy, you need not accept it blindly. There are many things which can be done to keep constipation at bay.

  • Increase the intake of fluids- Fresh fruit juices and water makes digestion process easy and the stool can pass through the bowel. Prune juice is the best among the lot
  • Your diet should be rich in fiber foods- fiber is best at keeping the stools soft and makes it easier for it to pass through the bowel. Some of the foods that are rich in nutritious and considered for a healthy diet are whole grains, vegetables and legumes.
  • Reduce the consumption of sugary foods as they are binding
  • Exercise is the best course of action. Not only it enables to be in shape, but blood circulation improves and oxygen supply is restored to the organs. This does help you to perform the job in an efficient manner.

Digestive medicine during pregnancy can bring relief. During constipation do not use a laxative. It is going to wash away the harmful nutrients from the body and does pose dangers to the growing baby. Do take the opinion of your doctor before you plan any medication during pregnancy.


It happens to be a swollen tissue at the base of the rectum. This is at a point where the stool exits the body. It makes it quiet difficult to pass the stool. If you notice blood after your bowel movement or there is considerable amount of pain at the base of your rectum then ask your doctor to check out for haemorrhoids. There is nothing to be embarrassing as the doctor is not the first person to encounter this. This is going to get all the more worse during the pushing phase of pregnancy. If good care is taken, it is going to disappear after pregnancy.

If you are indeed bothered by the pain then take action at the earliest. To ease the itching or pain you can pick tropical creams which are available in most of the stores. If the pain happens to be so bad, then head to the nearest pharmacy and purchase a doughnut pillow.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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