Almost each one of us, at least once in our lives has visited a dentist for getting relieved from teeth and gum problems. We have a habit of munching our favourite food items such as sweets, chocolates, fried and all kind of junk food. This relishes us for a while but post that we suffer from teeth problems such as cavities, toothache, swollen gums, germs etc. This calls for an urgent need of a dentist who operates the effected part inside our mouth and recovers us of the tooth problem we are undergoing. As a kid, we all are quite scared of visiting a dentist, firstly because of the anaesthesia injections, pain and bitter medicines that are thereafter prescribed by the dentist to us. But, every coin has two sides. Some of us as kids also found this profession to be interesting and worth pursuing ahead in life and many of us are successful dentists today. But what about the ones who couldn’t become dentists in their lives but still have an urge inside them to treat people of tooth decay and cavities? Well, probably now we cannot take it up as a career in our real lives but talking of treating patients in the virtual world, it seems quite possible.

By playing dentist games online, we can fulfil our dream of becoming dentists in the most fun and interesting manner. There is only fun guaranteed without any risk involved because the patients that you are treating too do no exist in real lives. They are as virtual as your profession. Dentist games have been popular worldwide, especially in Spain where they are known as Juegos de Dentistas has both kids and adults hooked to it. The success and popularity of Juegos de Dentistas or dentist games have been up soaring with every day. There is a plethora of dentist games available such as Monkey dentist, Dora Perfect Teeth, Crazy Dentist, Dr. Dentist, Virtual Dentist, Plaque Attack, Match Three and many more. These games are one of the highest rated games.

Treatment offered:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth removal
  • Tooth cleaning and brushing
  • Tooth filling
  • Tooth implant
  • Root canal treatment
  • Braces fitting
  • Denture fitting
  • Swollen gums and blisters treatment and many more

One of the games becoming very popular is:

Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist was published in 1990 by Milton Bradley. In 1993, its smaller travel version was released. The main aim of the game is to take out plastic teeth from the mouth of a baby crocodile with the use of plastic pliers. If the player extracts a ‘sore tooth’, the moth of the crocodile shuts and then he loses. The travel version of this game is a bit different.

During its development phase, it went through a lot of changes by its processors. In 1991, this game became one of the highest seller games and since then its success has been increasing only. Its success led to the development of many other crocodile games such as crocodile golf, another hit in the gaming market.

The best part is that these games are available online for no cost at all. So, to play these, only two things are mandatory, one being a laptop, a Smartphone or any other device and a wireless internet connection. With just these two requirements you can enter the world of dentist games and you will surely get hooked to them. The different challenges, surgeries and treatments make the game more exciting. Also, the beautiful graphics used, the audio are all so amusing and entertaining. The kids will surely love it and if they ever feared visiting a dentist, after playing these they will start loving them and would visit them with more curiosity and excitement. These games are not just confined to the kids. The adults too are too getting glued to these nowadays. Teeth problems are something which is borne by every class and age of people. As an adult we requite teeth implants, fillings, and root canal treatments and when we become old we usually visit a dentist for fixing a new denture inside our mouth. So, these games give the option of these treatments too making them interesting for adults as well. These games are  a good source of not only entertainment and time pass but also give an acquaintance to the field of dentistry to the kids. So, it guarantees fun and learning at the same time.

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