Desktop Wallpapers – A Visual Treat For Your Eyes

Wallpapers provide instant recall through imagery and illustrations our fascination with something. Wallpaper can be a great source of inspiration, entertainment, a visual relief from the drudgery and aspiration as well. They are actually a graphical interface that allows you to have a nice computer background to suit your mood and personality. Wallpapers, since they were introduced early in the 80s, have grown from unidirectional to multi-directional with even elements of 3-dimensions included in them. If we look at the wallpaper market, then we can broadly divide it depending on sizes, quality as well as categories.

Size does matter: There is no uniform size of desktop monitors and therefore the wallpapers are also available in multiple sizes for different screens. For the ordinary desktop monitors, there are background images ranging from a resolution of 800 x 600p to 1600 x 1200 pixels. However, with the recent proliferation of widescreen monitors, to view an image better in the landscape mode, you have beautiful wallpapers that at the base level have a resolution of 1280 x 720p to all the very top of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

More the better: Wallpapers have undergone a huge transformation in the last decade. At the time, it was introduced, there were not many features on it. But as most computers nowadays are shipped with onboard graphics card, new age wallpapers have also become brighter, and more lifelike. We can divide the wallpapers into static and dynamic. However, till now dynamic wallpapers are only usable on Android platform where the user can interact with the wallpaper.

For the static wallpapers, there are wallpapers in HD, digital wallpapers, techno wallpapers and even 3D wallpapers.

Wallpapers – as many as you can dream about:  If we look at the categories for wallpapers, then we will be bowled over by the choice available to us. There are sites that allow you to choose any category like amazing car wallpapers for desktop free download. Most of these sites are free and house thousands of wallpapers to choose from. The most popular categories that are used by computer users include;

  • Nature: This is one of the most downloaded themes when we talk about wallpapers. It includes everything from forests, highways stretching into mountains, icebergs, oceans deserts and innumerable others.
  • Wildlife: Who will not be excited by the photos of wild animals in their natural surroundings gracing their computer screen.
  • Automobile: Young and old alike have a deep fascination and love for cars and bikes. There are innumerable websites that allow fancy looking car wallpapers for desktop free download.
  • Religious Motifs: As our lives get more and more complicated, we try to find solace in religion. Wallpaper that depicts some religious motifs evokes piety and mental strength among us.
  • Sports: Sporting heroes are great motivators and keeping them in front of you as your computer wallpaper pushes you towards the quest for excellence in your life.

With increased interest in sports, especially car racing or games that have car chase as their leitmotif, the interests in different kind of cars among youngsters have risen tremendously. Besides a man’s insatiable desire for speed has also contributed greatly to it. To cater to this growing demand, there are innumerable sites that allow car wallpapers for desktop free download.

If you want greater detailing, then you can use paid wallpapers to make your monitor come alive in vibrant colours. However, before you download the latest racing cars from F1 races or a gorgeous looking mountain to your monitor, always go to a reputed site as many wallpaper images come with malicious software attached that might harm your computer.

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