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Different Type Of Strategies For Legionella Control

Different Type Of Strategies For Legionella Control

Legionella is the bacteria spread which can lead to a disease called legionnaires. This bacteria spreads through the air conditioning and heating systems of the home mostly and affects the people living in it. The person affected by legionella often experiences cough, fever, muscle pains, shortness of breath and multiple other symptoms. If not tackled on time, it can worsen the situation, and the patient would need immediate medical attention.

As a preventive measure, every house owner should clean the building water systems, restricting bacterial growth. There are various other ways to do Legionella control. The strategy you use depends on multiple factors. It includes the pipe material, temperature, presence of nutrients and much more. It is ideal to hire an expert for the cleaning work as they have a thorough knowledge of the factors and the strategies and can eradicate any chances of bacterial spread within no time.

Methods You can use for Control Of Legionella:-

Before you begin your hunt for the experts, it is vital to understand the different methods they are most likely to use. It will give you an insight into what services you are looking for, making it easier to choose the right expert.

Water Filtration

The water filtration technique gets used more often at hospitals or other healthcare facilities. They have water filter systems used for critical patient care, and these machines need regular water filtration. This filtration technique comes with a filter life of two weeks or one month, and you might need to perform it again.

Supplemental Disinfection

Under this method, the hot and cold water systems get filtered by generating chlorine dioxide onsite. The experts you hire understand the entire process and perform it to the tee to ensure better cleaning of all water systems in the building to do Legionella control.

Temperature Control

Another way to restrict the bacterial spread is to maintain the temperature of the water and never let it reach a level where the bacteria can develop and survive. There are two categories of temperature control: curative and preventive. If the traces are already there, the experts will stick to the curative temperature range. However, if the idea is to prevent the spread, the temperature range should be accordingly.

Any of the methods listed above are equally effective in controlling legionnaires from happening. As there are plenty of technicalities involved, it is better to seek expert help and rule out the chances of bacterial spread. Be vigilant and choose the best service provider as the quality of services matter a lot.