Different Types Of Commercial Curtains

Commercial curtains can satisfy a number of purposes. In their most basic form, these curtains provide the best alternative for creating two work spaces in a single environment. Once the purpose of these commercial curtains is understood, it is important for the user to understand the types of commercial curtains that are available in the market. The different types of commercial curtains available are-

Curtains Made Up of Plastic Strips

These type of commercial curtains is very clear and act as a flexible-type of separator or door to different areas demanding the need for different room temperatures. These commercial curtains help businesses in saving a lot of money because of their ability to conserve massive amount of energy. They help businesses by putting the money back into the business and reduces the overall operating costs.

Curtains Made of Vinyl Strips


Vinyl strips curtains are a preferred variety because of its ability to keep the entire environment clean. Vinyl, a man-made polymer, is a synthetic fiber and is made out of ethylene, which is found in crude oil, and is combined with table salt, and chlorine. When these materials are processed and mixed, vinyl is formed. The primary advantages of these kind of curtains are-

  • The strips are easy to clean and does not require frequent cleaning. When the cleaning cycle time is reduced, the overall maintenance also goes down and the hours saved here can be transferred into more productive hours.
  • The welded seams of vinyl curtains prevents the trapping of the impurities. Hence, this type of commercial curtains ensures that the allergen containment control is very flexible.

Curtains Made Up of PVC Strips

This type of commercial curtains made up of PVC strips allow people to move products through. They have the ability to cover the openings of the door that are as wide as an entire wall. Usually, these curtains are available as kits for brand new projects. These are cut into strips for the replacement of worn out strips.

Curtains Made of Strips Specifically for Freezers

If businesses ensure that the cold air does not escape from the freezer or the cooler, reduction in the value of the energy bill is reduced drastically considering the fact that food and beverages are kept cold. A walk-in commercial cooler curtain usually helps with the conservation of the energy and eliminates the possibility of air loss. The flap of the curtains ensures that the cold air is held and the warm air does not disrupts the cold environment.

Curtains Made for Welding

Commercial curtains made for welding are available in different colors and are usually tinted. These strips are made of extruded PVC and tinted material to protect the users from UV rays that are emitted during the process of welding. One more important point to notice here is that the strips of these curtains are sealed from one side to the next with the help of welding. The strips are slightly overlapped to create a good seal from one side to the other. The primary advantage of this type of strip is that the user can walk right through the curtain without moving the objects to the other side.

Curtains Made for Industrial Uses


These kind of commercial curtains are an excellent option for protecting employees working in harmful or harsh conditions like noisy and dust-filled areas, hot and cold conditions, and other challenging environment. Such curtains are used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other types of industrial settings.

As one can see, different types of commercial curtains serve different purposes. Each of these types have excellent rate of return. Along with increasing the revenue flowing in, these curtains help a great deal in keeping the food fresh for consumption.


Author: Cornelius Dennis

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