Different Types Of Fixings And Fastenings For Your Home

There are amazing selections of fixings and fastenings designed specifically to make sure that people have the perfect pieces needed for holding the different parts of their assignment together. These screws come with some of the wisest features making it difficult for people to make the right choice and decision. There are a number of important factors that one should consider when looking for the right fixings and fasteners especially if they are making something with wood. Size is an important factor that needs to be considered when going for wood screws. There is more that goes into selecting that perfect wood screw for your project. Here, we will be having a look at the different varieties ideal for different projects.

Timco Wood Screws for Preventing Cam-Out

Are you aware of cam-out? It is basically the irritating slip of a screwdriver head that generally wastes a lot of time handling every screw. This procedure can well be avoided with the deep recess of the Timco wood screws. These are multi-purpose twin-cut screws featuring deep recess for preventing cam-out. Thus, they make way for improved countersinking. These wood screws have been specifically designed for fast pick-up and for preventing splitting. They can even be used on different materials such as softwood, hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and sheet metal.

Heco Topix Wood Screws for Avoiding Cracking and Splitting

There are certain wood varieties that come with the risk of cracking and splitting if they are not pre-drilled. However, you can always make the choice of high-performance Heco Topix wood screws for avoiding cracks on timber and even in avoiding the time that gets wasted in the pre-drilling procedure. The Heco Topix screws are specifically designed for different uses in professional wood construction work like interior finishing and staircase construction. These screws feature the revolutionary pint and shank structure that makes work easy and quick. There is no preliminary countersinking or drilling required with the use of these screws. They also bring a great reduction in installation times. Spax wood screws also come with crack-free advantages as they push wood fibres aside instead of carving them up.

Pozi Wood Screws for Maximum Torque

The Pozi wood screws are used generally but they are quite essential tools for users who are on the lookout of multipurpose screws with speedy and simple driving. These screws have toothed thread and clever driving that offer maximum screwing speed and torque. This is not just on wood but even on other materials like sheet metal, masonry and plastic. These screws come with Spax 4 cut points that make it absolutely possible to insert them without pre-drilling. This helps in the reduction of material splitting which further helps in the reduction of the screwing-in torque needed.

Timberfix 360 Screws for Neat Finish

If you are in the look out of a very neat and clean finish and speedy driving then you must definitely go for Timberfix 360 screws. These screws feature ribs under their heads that help in countersinking them. They offer powerful torque and a smart finish. These screws also give great versatility and are perfectly suitable for a majority of hardwoods.

As you have already read for different types of wood screws and you must make your choice as per the project that you are working on and the results that you are expecting as per project.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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