Do You Need a New Roof?

How often do you check out your roof? Do you have any idea what condition it is in at all? It’s very unlikely you check it regularly as hardly anybody does. It is important you keep an eye on it though and not just when a stray slate topples. Inspecting your roof regularly and patching it up when small problems occur can prevent bigger problems in the long run. Avoid the huge expensive of a roof replacement by keeping yours regularly in check. It’s recommended you check your roof thoroughly twice a year as a minimum. There are two different checks you need to make.

Interior Check

Start from the inside and climb up into your loft with a torch. There are four key things to look for once you’re in:
1. Any places where the roof deck can be seen to be sagging
2. Any signs of water damage or actual leaking
3. Evidence of dark spots or trails
4. Any evidence of outside light coming through the roof

Exterior Check

Looking at the exterior of your roof takes a little more concentration and you need to look out for specific missing elements and irregularities. There are six top tips to keep in mind when checking your roof from the outside:

1. Visually inspect the roof for cracked, missing or bald shingles
2. Scan over the roof for any elements of loose material, wear around chimneys, vents or pipes.
3. Check your gutters for excessive amounts of shingle granules – this is an unfortunate sign of advanced wear.
4. Check for signs of moisture, mould and rot. Look out for wet spots and if there is a water-related problem you should be able to spot moulds and fungi within 24 hours.
5. Check out your drainage and guttering. Make sure all your gutters and spout are securely fixed and nothing is stopping the entry and exit of water from the pipes.
6. Check that all your bathroom, kitchen and drying vents lead out of the house and not into the attic space.

Keep Calm

If you find there is some water damage to your roof there’s no need to panic. It may not mean you need a brand new roof and in fact the next step is to contact a licensed roofing contractor who can take a professional look at the damage and in most instances provide a quote which is both fair and should result in a completely fixed roof by the end of the job. The average roof should last at least twenty years and should be able to be repaired up until that point rather than needed a complete replacement.

The important thing with roof damage is not to delay – the chance of things becoming more serious are greater if you leave it to continue to get worse. As soon as you spot a problem it needs to be reported and regularly checking your roof will ensure that there are no nasty surprises around the corner.

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