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Leeza Braun jewelry-one stop destination specializes in custom diamond engagement rings. Custom designed engagement rings and jewelry was their passion. As a perfect jewelry store, they always feel customer satisfaction with the final result of their design Jewelry is the number one priority.

While designing a custom engagement ring, people actually tend to feel the process as being more difficult than it actually is, but Leeza Braun makes your process easier than it actually is. At Leeza Braun, you do not have to be a good artist or a jewelry enthusiast to design your engagement ring. Simply, all you need is to have a desire for your engagement ring to be different from that of mainstream jewelry. Here, at this jewelry store, many custom engagement ring designs have been translated from concept to an original ring by their renowned artisans, while few more styles are formulated from elements of ring designs that are already in existence in their collection.


The desire for a custom engagement ring design is often revealed while you are shopping for the perfect ring. Most people who own their lovable custom engagement rings never thought they would design their own ring. The people who do not get satisfied with wide range of existing styles or the people who seek to have small changes in existing models, can have simple customization of the metal color, the height of the stone, or the thickness of the setting to make all the difference in their engagement ring. On other hand, you can also combine characteristics from multiple rings to create an entirely new design that you will adore the most and feel the best in. Creating custom diamond engagement rings can be very rewarding as it is the ring that is intended to be worn for a lifetime and that is also passed on for generations. So for sure, it is worth your time and energy.

 As you finish your custom design of your engagement ring, your order arrives at Leeza Braun studio, where their professional artisans handcraft the ring according to your specifications. Once your ring is ready, they ship it directly to your home or required place. You can also preview your custom engagement ring and can make changes in it as you need to get it as exactly what you have envisioned. So the process of custom ring at Leeza Braun, just consists simple steps that include, start with the diamond of your choice, select a metal, and the designing process of your custom ring is complete.

The engagement rings at Leeza Braun are mostly of custom made type which means that any design of customer’s desire is possible. Along with this, Leeza Braun also has a wide selection of display rings to try on. While customizing at Leeza Braun, you can browse various methods of stone setting, elements of design, featured and also patterns that are appealing to you. You can make plenty of comparisons and can make your consultant highlight the elements that you desire the most, and can eliminates those that you don’t want. Using this process of insertion and elimination, you along with the Leeza Braun design team can create your own engagement ring with confidence.


Author: Lee Walters

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