Flat Top Barges Are Popular Mode Of Transport For Cargo

The modern freight ships commonly called cargo barges which use the best in Hydro and Aerodynamics can save huge amounts of money, while circumnavigating the waterways and channels. A large number of the old barges that were fabricated previously, did not possess the specialised engineering knowledge during the time of assembling, which we have today with hydrodynamic flows on CAD CAM design PCs.

Flat Top Barges are the very convenient and cost-effective water transport system in the present times. These special type of barges are extremely useful short distance or the coastal transport of bulk packed and project cargoes.

Modern Use of Barges

Today barges are used for low-value bulk items, since the cost of hauling merchandise by barge is economical. These freight ships are also used for heavy or bulky products; a standard U.S. barge measures 195 by 35 feet, and is able to carry up to around 1,500 short tons of payload. The most common European barge measures 76.5 by 11.4 meters and is able to carry up to around 2,450 tonnes.

Today the custom built Flat Top Barges come with built-in ballast system. It supports roro (roll-on and roll-off) loading of freight as well as material, with the ballast system adapting the draft and trim to serve special freight loading requirements. These flat top ballastable barges are able to support payload demands from 5,400 and up to 14,000 metric tonnes.

Savings on Fuel Costs

The increase in use of fuel around the world is three times that of the increased supply. Therefore, oil prices will likely go through the roof in the coming three to five years. Barges that are the most efficient will save their operators thousands of dollars. Also they will be able to cruise the seas at faster speeds and all the more safely. When you take into consideration the rough seas and round trips you can well imagine the savings in the fuel costs.

Increasing Popularity of Barges

Since barges are fuel-efficient mode of transport for cargo and various different kinds of commodities they are getting popular, among the shipbuilders and those who operate the ships. Furthermore, barge reduces air pollution as it does away with the need of using such a large number of trucks to transport, what one barge can really transport. Also, using it further increases your access to the international market. Thus, it is a highly efficient and cost-saving alternative in the shipping business.

With the ever increasing utilisation of flat top barges the market nowadays is flooded with barges for sale. You can actually land a new barge at a very economical price, if you start looking for one. Operators should realize that paying a little more now for a more state-of-the-art vessel will reap profits later on and it will also, make a large number of old ships that are rusted out barges obsolete. To conclude, you should realise that the modern cargo barges are efficient, convenient and money-saving option in the shipping business.

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