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Guide To Buy A Good Languedoc Roussillon Wine

Guide To Buy A Good Languedoc Roussillon Wine

Languedoc and Roussillon areas have a rich history of harvesting rich and varied quality wines. It is one of the largest wine regions of Southern France that also produces some of the most budget friendly wines. Since the region covers a large part of the wine producing area of the country, the huge supply and demand can sometimes become a bit complex for buyers. Especially if you are new to the wine season, here is a guide to help you get some familiarity with the eternal wines.

Major Languedoc Roussillon Wine Makers Of The Area Include Private Companies:-

Co-Operatives:- The group has members that are provided with the work of growing, harvesting, and reaping different qualities of grapes. They should comply with the standards set by the Co-operatives and then are finally selected for wine making. However, the subtle process grew diverse and people started ignoring quality to pay attention to quantity to make available cheap products of wine, which you need to stay aware of.

Recoltants:- The group takes care of the entire process of wine producing and selling unlike Co-operatives. You can literally discuss the literature of wine growing with them since they remain completely engrossed in the business.

Negociants:- These are the businesses who either make or buy the wines from other producers to sell in huge quantities to stores.

Some Tips

Do not fall prey to cheap wines since they are often bad in quality and can give you a severe headache.

The supermarkets are full of such wines produced by Negociants and Co-operatives mostly. Since the demand and supply bulk can outgrow the competition for small yet quality Languedoc Roussillon wine producers, you should pay attention to details.

Local boucheries are good to seek suggestions before going on a wine shopping trip. Which either land you to countryside vineyards where you can look for quality wines from the house of those who hand harvest wines. Since they are more organic, they will remain free of added chemicals and stabilizers.

Grape Varieties

These wines vary in their appellation. Languedoc alone has 23 percent of AOCs. Mainly are red blends apart from certain varieties of rose, sparkle, and whites. The wines are made from some of the finest quality varieties of native grapes like Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault.

Further, for white wines, certain varieties like Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, Viognier and more are grown.

To conclude, the French wine is delicate and famous around the world for its rich dynasty. The Languedoc and Roussillon wines account for the major production and thus are celebrated all over the country.