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Healthcare professionals in different parts of the world rely on a range of high quality skincare products offered by the Hartmann Group. Based out of Germany, this company has a growing presence in many countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania because there is immense demand for Hartmann health products in these regions. As a matter of fact, the company’s emphasis on providing a wide range of products to suit various requirements whilst also investing in education for healthcare professionals has ensured that its sales numbers as well as market share show a steady increase.

While Hartmann health products are undeniably manufactured of high quality materials, what truly sets them apart from other similar products is the fact that this company follows a holistic approach to healthcare. As a result, the products on offer are often very innovative and they are also easy to use, resulting in improved patient care and increased efficiency.

The main categories of Hartmann health products for skincare are

• Continence Management
The range of Moli continence products has side panels that enable unobstructed flow of air as well as a triple layer absorbent core. It also keeps the skin at pH 5.5. These features prevent skin problems.
The company also offers a range of continence pads (both general and male-specific), pull ups, fixation pants and stretch pads so that different types of incontinence can be dealt with. Hartmann underpads are also available to protect furniture.

• Wound Care
These products are designed to ensure quick and consistent patient recovery. Hartmann offers many categories of wound care products including hydrogel, hydrocolloid, foam, silver, calcium alginate, non-adherent absorbent, tulle gras, film, island and specialty dressings.

Hartmann also manufactures tapes and bandages that are suitable for treating many types of injuries. Caregivers can choose from a variety of compression, retention and tubular bandages to suit different categories of injuries. These products are not just cost effective but they are also very effective at ensuring quick recovery.

• Operating theatre
Infection control is a major issue in any operating theatre and healthcare professionals choose the right Hartmann health products to ensure speedy patient recovery and minimize risk to caregivers. Its custom procedure packs (CPPs) are in great demand on account of their effectiveness and the wide choice of options for customization offered to customers.

Hartmann health products will continue to be in great demand because of the company’s unflagging dedication to product innovation, customization and high quality at affordable prices.

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