How Can You Avoid Cancer?

The moment you lead a healthy life style, you don’t have to worry about cancer. There are a number of causes that result in cancer formation, on account of our unhealthy life style. As per past stats, over 70 percent of people face cancer conditions, because of their unhealthy life style.

In order to regulate this condition, you may have to focus on implementing exercise, diet and right eating habits. There are numerous ways that prove helpful in eliminating chances for cancer formation, just by implementing small changes in our life.

Use filter water

Carcinogens are usually transmitted in our body via water. As per past research it has been proved that tap water is always considered as more safe as compared to boil water. So if you want to consume high quality water then it is advisable to filter tap water for drinking purpose rather than using boiled water. Even when storing water it is advisable to store it in a container made up of glass or stainless steel.

Avoid tank topping

The fuel from your vehicle also releases toxins like benzene that is believed to cause cancer the moment it comes in contact with your skin or internal organs. This chemical is released in abundant the moment you overfill the tank of your vehicle to spill fuel.

Use marinate meat

In general, it is advisable to avoid consuming processed, well done or charred meat products as they can cause cancer. The fact is that packed meat available in the market is preserved with hydrocarbons that can cause cancer. Over heated meat products should always be avoided as it is rich in hydrocarbon chemicals. Even if you want to consume grilled meat product always ensure that you add a lot of rosemary flavor to it by marinating the meat for an hour.

Caffeinate daily

You can check with various cancer specialist in India and collect in depth knowledge of benefits of coffee. As per past studies it has been proved coffee can reduce formation of cancer cells by over 40 percent. It helps in educing chances of formation of oral and throat cancer due to its caffeinated properties. Decaf coffee may not be so much effective as compared to caffeinated coffee. As compared to tea, coffee is more effective in fighting cancerous conditions.

Drink excess water

Water certainly is one of the most important compounds found on our planet. It holds its unique properties as over 70 percent of our body and our planet are made up of water. The moment we urinate, all harmful and cancer forming bacteria and other microbes are also eliminated out from our body. This means that it is important for each one of us to at lest drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on daily basis.

Consume greens

Green vegetables hold their properties as they purify our blood. Salads are always advised by health experts to maintain healthy blood flow in our body. Greens are rich in minerals including Magnesium that proves helpful in eliminating chances of cancer formation. Apart from this, spinach on regular diet is also one of the most effective against fighting cancer formation.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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