How Can You Succeed as an Independent Business Consultant?

Some people refuse to leave the comfort of a nine to five job simply because there’s no job security. Well…that’s one way of looking at it. It takes guts to create your very own career path, but it doesn’t mean that success if far from your reach. You can make it in this big, bad world of power hungry sharks that want nothing more than success, even if it comes at the expense of others. First of all, you have to get rid of the I-can’t-make-it-attitude. That’s sure to bring you down.

Consultants have become successful in their field of expertise because they believed in themselves. Their business has merged with their personal lives not because it was needed, but because they were so passionate about what they did. If you’re not quite sure about your inclinations just yet, then don’t dabble in anything with only half your heart. You need to be sure that you like what you do. Then, it’s time to learn the traits that bring you to the top without having to pull anyone down.
So, what exactly makes a powerful independent consultant?

You need to be an Expert

People want the services of consultants because they need expert advice on a variety of business processes. They’re looking to you for the solution that eases them out of the tight spot they’re in. Hence, it’s always crunch time for you. Get to work and produce results in a timely fashion. Know your craft by taking advantage of opportunities that hone your skills and broaden your knowledge. Attend seminars, read books, talk to mentors – there are so many ways for you to learn.

You Take Advantage of Networking

The first question that often comes to mind is: how do I get new clients? It’s all about networking, networking, and networking. How do you do this? Talk to your banker because these people have extensive connections with businessmen from all types of industries. If you’re a soccer mom, strike up a conversation with a lady on the bleachers. This isn’t about forced marketing. It’s more about having a simple conversation about what you do, and when you do get to establish relationships with these people, you’ll be the first name that comes to their minds when someone needs an independent business consultant.

Bond with the People

The best way to win the respect of others is to share a special bond with your clients. This is about showing them how passionate you are with what you do. You don’t need to flash all your credentials once they see how much you put into your work. The results will speak for themselves. More importantly, let them know how important they are in bringing success to the company. When they feel valued, they’ll be as earnest with work as you will be.

These are the basic nuts and bolts that form the foundation of your chosen career. Remember, the secret is that successful consultants succeed. Failure only comes when you give up. Ask anyone in the field and he or she can tell you just how much these words ring true.


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