How To Organise The Perfect Weekend Away

When you’re tired and stressed from work and the daily grind, perhaps with the kids to look after, schedules to arrange, washing and ironing, bills to pay and all the other aspects of home life, sex can seem like a distant memory. Who can possibly get passionate when the cat needs feeding and there are 101 tasks to sort out before bedtime? Time to organise a weekend where love takes centre stage and here’s how.

Get away from it all

The beauty of a dirty weekend is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a hotel, although obviously you can if you want to make it extra special. If all goes according to plan you won’t be doing much sightseeing, so choose somewhere with a comfortable bed, room service and preferably close to home so you don’t get tired from travelling. Above all, make sure there’s a Do Not Disturb sign to hang on the door so you don’t face any unwanted interruptions from housekeeping staff!

Take care with packing

It’s sensible to lay everything out before packing to make sure you have everything you need. Must-haves are sexy lingerie and scented candles or incense to help to set the mood. Then you need to choose a selection of products to add to the fun, according to your tastes. Most couples would consider packing vibrators, handcuffs, feathers, blindfolds and plenty of lubricant. Edible body paint, massage oils and dressing-up outfits should also be given careful consideration.

Be aware that if you happen to be travelling abroad, security checks mean that your bags will almost certainly undergo thorough checking. It is possible for sex toys to cause a security alert, depending on size and shape, so keep this in mind when packing your bags and if you feel you are likely to be embarrassed easily then choose toys or products which in no way resemble weapons on an x-ray screen! It is also worth removing batteries from any products requiring them to avoid the possible fallout of them switching on during the course of travel.

Take care with unpacking

Once you are safely installed in your room then it’s time to set the stage. Light any incense or scented candles, although you may need to check that this will not contravene any fire regulations – a fire sprinkler going off will dampen the ardour very quickly, as will a hotel evacuation due to smoke detectors going off!

Take time and care over dressing in comfortable but sexy clothing, allowing your partner to take equal time and care in removing it. Discuss your favourite fantasies and perhaps watch a steamy movie on the hotel TV to set the mood. If possible have champagne or wine in the room ready for your arrival.

After this, it’s up to the pair of you what you do, but just make sure that the Do Not Disturb sign is hanging on the door before you start….

Author: Victoria Hancock

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