How To Prepare For Your First Safari Hunt Trip

Preparing for your first hunting trip can be a daunting experience; even more when it’s it a safari trip in the middle of Africa. While it may seem challenging at first, preparing for a safari hunt trip isn’t that much different than any other kind of hunting trip. In this article, we’re going to give a few tips on how to get prepared for this once in a lifetime experience.

Know the Destination

Knowing the destination is important before you embark on this sort of trip. Know the attitudes of the people in question on hunting. You should also know the different destinations in the country and continent, understand the laws regulating hunting and which types of animals you can hunt. Just because you’re going to Africa, don’t assume automatically that you’ll be doing some hippo hunting there. Africa is home to literally thousands of species, so make sure that you know exactly which type of game you’ll be hunting since it will affect your preparation.

When it comes to laws, don’t expect that because this is Africa, the laws aren’t enforced or that you’ll be able to navigate yourself out of any situation. They take their hunting laws very seriously, and just like you would in the US, you have to understand the laws and the best time to go hunting.

Make sure you’re Healthy

You also have to be healthy and be ready to exert a lot of energy while you’re there. Some specific exercises will allow you to perform better on your trip. Try weighted push-ups, squats and any strength exercises that target the lower body. You should also make sure that you’ll have the cardio necessary to survive long treks and the occasional chase.

As you may already know, lots of diseases that have been long eradicated in the US still are present in some parts of Africa, so be careful. Make sure that you know what those diseases are and get the appropriate vaccines. Also, be careful when drinking water and stay away from street food if possible. It would be wise to invest in a few water tablets and only drink bottled water if possible.

Go with the Right Tour Company

You should go with a tour agency that has your best interest in mind and will make you feel as comfortable as possible on your trip. They should be ready to help you each step of the way and ensure your safety. Don’t be afraid to look around and ask for second opinions.

The company should have many years of experience in the field and open to answering all of your questions. Good companies are also more familiar with the terrain and will take you to the best hunting spots in the area.


As you can see, going for your first safari hunting trip isn’t as frightening as you may think. It’s all about being thoroughly prepared for any situation, make sure that you stay healthy and choosing a reputable tour company for the ride.

Author: Lee Walters

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