Importance Of Extractor Hood Cleaning

In order to keep your restaurant and kitchen clean it is important to clean every equipment inside the premises. You need to keep the extractor hood clean and well maintained. A lot of restaurants tend to overlook the importance of a clean extractor hood which leads to a number of circumstances which involve fire.

The purpose of the extractor hood is to ensure that the smoke in case of a fire is vented properly and does not cause any damage to the kitchen. If the hood is not clean, it will not serve the purpose. In case of a grease fire, a clean extractor hood will help the smoke vent out and will not leave the kitchen in a pile of ash. If you want to ensure the safety of your kitchen even in times of fire, you need to maintain the cleanliness of the extractor hood. One of the most commonly reported accidents from restaurants include grease fires. They end up damaging the entire restaurant and cause huge losses. If the extractor hood had been cleaned and maintained properly, it would not cause the damage. Fires usually start in the kitchen because of a clogged or a dirty extractor hood. Overheating can start a fire and this could cause harm to humans and to the kitchen. The extractor hood operates constantly and gathers a lot of grease and sludge. If the hood is not cleaned for a few months, the dust and grease will pile up and extractor hood will end up leaking below. The leak could cause enormous damage and danger to the property. Professionals offer extractor hood cleaning services that help clean the hood in no time. They use the latest tools and technology in order to ensure that your extractor hood is as good as new.

There are multiple risks posed from not cleaning the hood. It is important to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene inside the kitchen at all times. It is the law to ensure that the restaurant or the kitchen maintains the requirements of cleanliness. When inspectors walk into your property, they are going to pay a lot of attention to the extractor hoods and the walk in refrigerator. You do not want to end up paying a penalty for being careless. The hood serves as a system that clears the smoke and steam from the kitchen and it needs regular maintenance. It will prove to be a life saver in case of a fire inside the kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen, you need to maintain cleanliness of all the equipments. You should check up the hood from time to time and ensure that it is clean so as to avoid any hazard for yourself. You could end up putting others at a risk of life if you do not pay adequate attention to the extractor hood cleaning. It might take a few minutes to clean the hood but will save you a lot of time and money.

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