Innovative Toilet Appliances From The House Of Harneymfg

Toilets are an important part of our daily activities. So, there is a need to adorn it in the best ways it can be. The makeover of the bathrooms and the toilets by the Bathroom Makeovers by Harneymfg will surely be an ultra-modern one. Just check out for the best-updated toilet decors from these awesome manufacturers. Harneymfg has been the most popular company to publish their branded toilet décors that are highly appreciated in the market. So, you are welcome to know a lot about some of the branded toilet facilities.

About The Company

The company Harneymfg hails from Washington DC, United States of America. It has been a renowned company for years that are always ready to serve the customers with the best bathrooms they can ever imagine of.

Products Sold

The company has special products like the bathroom facilities starting from a shower to a bidet. The bathroom decors that are also eye-catching and is highly appreciated in the global market.

Not only does the company excel in selling the products rather also fixes the issues with the existing bathroom and toilet facilities. They make to lives of the people happy and peaceful by small little changes in the lifestyle.

Makeover Designs To The Sanitation

The company has been successful enough to turn the bathroom into a beautiful place to relax oneself rather than troubling with the worst conditions of a toilet or a bathroom. The changes are brought in terms of the accessories, use of lightning, beautiful paintings. They turn even the smallest stinking bathrooms into great places to have fun.

The makeovers are not much expensive and suit as many conditions as possible.

The alterations are too clever and also make the places a very beautiful one to make them elegant. So, the best changes can be brought about according to the number of the member of families.

Lumilux Advanced 16-Color

This is one of such products from this company that is adorned with a motion sensor LED supply; the toilet bowl is lit up with attractive lights as well as the internal structure is greatly worked out with a beautiful light detection supply.

You are the guest of the bathroom with this modern equipment. As the guest enters, the infrared motion of the sensor will automatically make it get heated up by sensing the heat of the body of the person and will lit up. As the person exists, the lights lit up. You can just imagine the technology that is used here! It works wonderfully! The light detection is too sophisticated and will make thebathroom a superb and enjoyable memory. But, it is quite capable of detecting whether it is daytime or not and if the light of your toilet is lit up. In that case, the LED lights will not switch on.

The Sensor

These toilet bows have proved themselves to be the awesome ones in the fashion that they are resistant to water. No matter how much you flush, the lights do not get affected. The high technology that is based on these toilets makes it boost the lighting pattern of the toilet.

A person can avail to get an awesome toilet with the dancing lights just like a rainbow. Doesn’t all this sound to be really great? So, you must try out to choose the best for yourself.

Other Facilities

Not only are the lights fantastic, the other facilities too are great and notable ones.

The size of the toilet bowl is a perfect one. The total compartment measures about 35 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches which have the handles to rest the arm. The resting chamber of the arms is about 4 inches.

The toilet bowl is too efficient from the viewpoint of the energy conservation. The toilet pan does not light up the lights when there is an additional light system glowing. It is safe enough and does not cause any harm.

The safety comes from the fact that one needs not to trouble himself by banging the head against the wall if he has by mistake forgotten to light up the toilet lights during the night. There is no need to bother about the switchboard of the toilet. So, does not it really feel quite exciting?


The blend of all the comforts a person actually wants can be an enjoyable portion of thepotty session. There is nothing much that is absent in the toilet. Everything you actually want starting from a wide space to pee, the flush, the dancing lights and everything else. So, make an exciting purchase as soon as possible. The company is there to serve you the best.

Author: Lee Walters

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