Interesting Facts About Hunter Valley Wine Tours

Interesting Facts About Hunter Valley Wine Tours

You are a bit wrong if you think Hunter Valley is all about grapes. Not only for grapes but this distinguished wine region also makes a great buzz for growing olive oil, cheese, and olives too. Have you been planning wine tours with your family, friends, or loved ones? We can enhance your excitement to the next level by sharing these interesting facts about this valley such as:-

Explore a wide range of grapes

The discussion of interesting facts regarding hunter valley will be incomplete without mentioning a wide array of grapes. Moreover, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon rule over the heart for the red wine. Hunter Valley looks incredibly beautiful as Chardonnay grapes do cover almost 70% the entire area. You may be amazed knowing that Chardonnay, Verdelho, and Semillon are the most popular wine varieties for Shiraz and Whites.

Chardonnay grapes are generally beautifully blended with Semillon to churn out the unique Hunter Valley Flavour. Chardonnay is one of the most popular grape varieties widely known for its incredibly rich and oaky flavour. Shiraz is next on the list and Hunter Valley feels proud to introduce the oldest rooted Shiraz wines. Shiraz is liked for its gamy flavour.

The most iconic wine type: semillon

Semillon is probably regarded as the most iconic wine type of this wine region. In 1830, it was planted for the first time and is known for various names including White Burgundy, Rhine Gold, and Hunter Valley Riesling, and so on.

Enjoy opera and jazz concerts

Hunter Valley Wine Tours is worthy to plan since you can also enjoy excellent jazz and blues concerts here. It does not matter in what month you visit this place, beautiful events and concerts are organized here all around the year. You may also go ahead to join the tasting master class to have an incredible experience. If you are going to enjoy these excellent events and concerts, do not forget to have delicious food at these standard-oriented restaurants. They introduce some of the world’s finest wines.

Child and pet friendly

Don’t you want to leave your kids or pets at home? You do not need to bother since Hunter Valley Wineries are Pet Friendly. They welcome you and your pets with open arms such as Tintilla Estate, Oakvale Wines, Broke Fordwich, and so on. Apart from it, some wineries are all set to welcome your kids introducing excellent activities to turn this tour into a memorable one such as Winmark Wines, Wine House Hunter Valley, Ben Ean, Mistletoe Winery, De Iuliis Wines, and so on.

Glorious past

The Hunter Valley feels proud to be highly popular among wine lovers for having over 150 incredible wineries. This distinguished wine region is Australia’s oldest one because it has been running since the 1800s and is known for its incredible award-winning wines.

Hunter Valley is worthy to visit regardless if you are a wine lover or not. You will not only get to witness the iconic flavour of the region but the winemaking process too.