Is Financing a Home Extension a Practical Solution for Homeowners?

Is Financing a Home Extension a Practical Solution for Homeowners?

All of us are aspiring to do big and spacious homes but we get settled down following the one which goes ideally with our budget. And therefore, it is a wise decision to go ahead. Moreover, one cannot keep waiting to gather enough financial resources to purchase a dream house. Let’s understand what could be the reasons which affect the finance of a home extension.


Home extension loans can truly be applied by anybody imparted the folk has replying capacity and hold a unique credit score. Before making the decision, it would be better if you go with the option of ‘compare loans UK’. If an individual is truly servicing a home loan, he is eligible to have a home extension loan in the form of an extended service imparted by the bank. Moreover, the entire process of disbursal will take lesser time as lesser documentation is needed in those cases.


There is no reason to get upset in this context since you are not needed to repay the extension loan in a hurry. The tenure imparted for the home extension loan is truly 20 years. Moreover, the age of the applicant and outstanding period of the ongoing home loan, and different conditions are also determinants following the tenure introduced by the bank.

Interest Rates

Interest rates in the context of home extension loans are truly or less similar to home loan interest rates. However, again, the source of income, age of the applicant, nature of income, and different factors play an important role in determining the interest price. You must not avoid the importance of the ‘compare loans UK’ since it gives you an ideal perspective.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits following home extension loans are truly similar to those available following home loans. Principal repayment following home extension loans is thus quite eligible in the context of deducting a particular amount which is eligible for deducting up to a specific annum in case the home is self-occupied and irrespective of any sort of limit if the home is let out following the rent under section 24.

Home extension loans facilitate expansion following your existing home to go with your increased need for space. You probably use it to add a room or even a floor following your existing home. It is unique from home improvement loans designed in the context of repairing, renovating, or refurbishing your home to upgrade it to a contemporary design or to encourage its comfort.


So, if you have been planning to add a room or a floor to accommodate your extended family or needs and there are no other financial resources to depend upon, you can go ahead and consider availing of a home extension loan following the ease of replaying it back till your home loan matures.