Many Choices Available For Promotional Woven Patches

Custom promotional woven patches have been in the trends for several years in the past. They in actual sense are one of the most affordable ways that companies, agencies, clubs, societies, and even individuals can promote their common interests. Today, innovations in technology have allowed a greater level of personalisation and artistry to be applied to this beautiful design form. Moreover, the product also is widely used in employee uniforms to help people identify them easily. A unique benefit of custom made patches is that they are very affordable, so you don’t have to make a very big investment.

Given below are some of the popular customisation that highlight the latest and greatest in modern patch design:

  • Personalised coins can be designed to commemorate a special day or can be exchanged as gifts between friends as a token of achievement. A unique way to present a custom made coin is to embed it in a custom embroidered patch. The patches make beautiful graduation gifts or celebrations of achievement as well.
  • Woven patches have today become very popular since they are inexpensive to make, allow a higher level of detailing, and compliment photo-like realism to a design.
  • For people who love traditional embroidery, it is easy to combine both of the processes to make the best of both worlds. An embroidered patch with woven elements, results in, a patch of amazing detail that preserves the 3-D appearance as well as the feel, of traditional embroidery.

Patches Come in All Sizes

Professional embroidery companies can now offer you all options of sizes. Commonly the patches come in 3″ size. But a patch can go up to as big as three or four feet. These large sized patches are “smart artwork in thread” that look attractive when matted and framed. Although patches of bigger size are a little costly, they look great when hung on the wall of a club lodge, executive office, or team locker room.

If you are organiser of a fundraiser you should have one of these attractive, framed patches to auction off to the highest bidder.

Many Options to Choose!

Since demand for better products is increasing, many new patch options are being made available. Patches that lit-up in darkness, patches having LEDs that blink, patches designed with metal finish, or swarovski crystals are on the market at reasonable prices. You can also select patches featuring reflective threads. Materials that can be used for the background can include: leather, felt, camouflage, or cotton twill.

Like any other personalised item there is lots of difference as regards the quality of the designs and processes used in making. So, choose a patch maker carefully. As quality of one maker is different or better than the other you should do a thorough survey before selection. Go through testimonials, and look for images of the patch styles which are available in the market.

Promotional woven patches are a great medium since the choices available for customisation are endless.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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