Pregnancy Complications: Tardive Dyskinesia

Over the counter medications and prescriptions can be found for every health issue these days, ranging from major serious disease to minor headaches. The modern medicine has been witnessing very high demand across the globe, such that at times, drugs are found to reach the market, much before the health risks associated with them are understood fully. Hence, people taking such drugs tend to get sick or develop some serious complications due to the side effects. At the same time, pregnant mothers are found to be at high risk from such dangers. The reason is because, not just the mother, but also the child is caused harm by this harmful drug.

The importance of taking health precaution is known to every pregnant mother. This helps to encourage safe delivery. It also ensures well being and healthy delivery of the baby. Unfortunately at times, pregnant women might get administered with some prescribed drugs that could possibly cause them complications after childbirth or harm the unborn child. There are good hospitals that do provide treatment for neurological disorders in pregnancy.

Tardive Dyskinesia

It is considered to be a medical disorder that is characterized with involuntary movements. This is more so in lower face. It stands for ‘delayed abnormal movement.’ Few actions that are associated with this disease include the following:

  • Swinging jaw
  • Repetitive chewing movement
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Grimacing in face

This disease is known to develop due to certain treatments of prescription anti-psychotic drugs. Often, this condition develops after drugs are taken over time. It may also occur if the patient receives treatment for short term.

With early diagnosing of this issue, it can be reversed once the drug treatment gets stopped. But, no guarantee is offered that involuntary movements would be temporary. In few cases, the movements could become worse significantly with time and even permanent.

More about Tardive Dyskinesia

According to studies published in leading medical journal concerning child psychiatry and human development, different children diagnosed with this disease are compared with other children not affected with this disorder. It has been found out that the affected children’s mother are said to have experienced pregnancy history and development complications. Children not having TD signs were found not to be associated with pregnancy history and development issues. Hence, it has been concluded that such events could increase the risk of the disorder developing in the child.

Every year, unfortunately, medications in huge numbers are being discovered to have been producing adversary side effects. It is for this reason, pregnant women are cautioned to be wary of the prescription drugs that they are taking when pregnant. It will be useful to consult more than one physician for a second and third opinion to be on the safe side. Also, one should discuss about the possible side effects with the qualified physician. This will ensure that both the mother and the child are in good health and the future for both is bright and healthy.

It is possible to get the best epilepsy medicine during pregnancy and to be cured fully.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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