Printer ink doesn’t have to cost a small fortune

6849499450_fb75d5ca5aThe paperless office? Not quite. Home and business users still have to print off all kinds of documents. A sales rep might need some information to take along to a meeting with a customer. Someone about to set off on their holidays will need to print off their boarding pass or face a big fine when they get to the airport. No matter how hard people try, it’s almost impossible to get by without a printer.

 It’s great to have a decent printer for photos too. In this age of digital photography too many shots get lost on memory sticks and hard drives. Buried away only to be forgotten about, which is a real shame. High quality printers do a terrific job of blowing up those images into great prints that can be shared and displayed. A great picture should be up on the wall where everyone can enjoy and appreciate it.

 When people choose a printer they need to think carefully about what they need it for and how much they have to spend. One of the key considerations when choosing a printer is how much ink cartridges are going to cost in the long run. What appears to be a cheap unit in terms of the initial outlay could end up costing a small fortune in ink over the next few years. Think about the future and how those costs add up month after month, especially if people want to print in high volume.

 Printer ink can be incredibly expensive. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why. Manufacturers try to lock customers in to their products. They recommend their official cartridges which are pricey and don’t really offer value for money. It’s a neat way for them to generate profits, but it leaves consumers feeling hard done by.

 The alternative to official cartridges are “copies”. They offer some savings, but not anything significant or substantial. The only way to get a better deal on ink is to look online. Here specialist retailers offer ink for all makes and models and use a different, leaner business model to offer savings to their customers. With lower overheads they can undercut the high street and give printer users the kind of prices they have been crying out for.

 By scanning for better deals printer users can save a small fortune. Over the course of a year this really adds up. Why pay over the odds when there are better deals to be had online? It’s time to start saving money and beating high prices.

 Print high quality documents without worrying about the cost of replacement cartridges. Once people know where to look they can find better value cartridges for any kind of printer, regardless of model or manufacturer. Great news for home and business users. Enjoy high quality photo prints or run off copies of reports and share with colleagues. Ink doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Buy online and start enjoying big savings. Don’t let the big industry players over charge for ink.

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