Process Of Selecting The Best Candidates For The Firm

Companies in diverse sectors of the industry seek new employees on a regular basis. Due to the varied demand for specialists in every field, the selection process becomes tough. Moreover, it takes time which the company might sometimes not find.

Pre-Employment Interviews

Use of the design company

The most commonly used test for recruitment is the Online Aptitude Tests for Pre-Employment Interviews. This test consists of a question bank that the recruiting company buys from the design company. These tests care usually conducted by the parent company after they purchase the design question bank from the software company. Then, they can add the needed questions pertaining to their field so that they will know which candidates have the needed skill in the field.

This process reduces the chances of selecting the wrong person since they are filtered by the screening test you conduct. This test will tell you whether the person is qualified or not. If they are, they will have high marks in the test. By screening the candidates, you reduce the number of people who appear for the interview.

Cut the numbers

If you have a thousand people applying for the post, the screening test will bring the number down to 200. The time and space needed to conduct the interview for 200 candidates is much less. So, spending some time conducting the screening test is profitable for the recruiting company.

Moreover, the tests are conducted online. This takes the strain off because you do not need to arrange for a venue for the test and arrange for proctoring. Online proctoring is possible and this is enough for the orderly conduct of the exam.

Choose the toughness of the questions

You can get different sets of online aptitude tests with varying toughness. So, you can select people who are well qualified or those who have just about enough knowledge on that topic. Say, you want people for the front office. You need people who can handle the MS word and Excel with good speed and accuracy. However, they need not have much knowledge about programming. In this case, you select the question bank that covers the Front Office questions. You can include the section about the Microsoft Excel and make the entire thing into one question paper. Candidates who score well in the test are called for the interview.

You can add your own questions too. There is a provision for this and if you want to check how well the person is in the English language, you can add one or two questions to test him in this. Obviously, only those who have the knowledge will have an answer to this question.

The aptitude test covers many topics including numerical analysis and logical reasoning.  It checks the ability of the candidate to deal with numbers and to deduce things logically. If the candidate scores poorly in this, you will do well to select some other candidate.

Having the ability to test candidates using the screening tests helps companies find the best candidate for their job vacancy. Use multiple tests for selecting candidates for various job openings.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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