The Pliability Of Shipping Containers

You may not think it to look at them, but shipping containers are one of the most versatile products ever invented. Because they are little more than a spacious box, they can be used for more things than you can imagine. They can be used by individuals and companies to improve their lives and their businesses immensely and they can be bought or rented for very little too.

When thinking about shipping containers, a lot of people see them as ugly, uninspiring things, but they can be absolutely transformed with a little effort and this is why so many people have been using as living spaces.

A Place to Live

Whether you are looking for a portable office (click here), garden storage, kid’s play room, or even a home, you can take the bare shell that is a shipping container and transform it into a beautiful place to live and work. It is even possible to order customized shipping containers to meet your specific needs. They will, as a minimum, be fitted with electric wiring and windows, and if they are being used as a dwelling, plumbing will be installed too.



From your children’s baby toys, to your restaurants food (click here) you can store pretty much anything in shipping containers, safe in the knowledge they will not be contaminated or ruined.


Moving home can be less expensive by using residential moving containers to transport your precious possessions. Click here to find out more about moving containers.


Increasingly, architects are looking to shipping containers as the solution to low cost accommodation, often with stunning results.

Emergency Bunker

Shipping containers can even be turned into emergency shelters which may provide safety during a storm. Many people are already creating underground bunkers from them, particularly in the USA and survivalist movements.

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