Three Reasons Why Arctic Holidays are Perfect for the Intrepid Holidaymaker

As long as you’re properly dressed, the arctic and the nearby areas are actually a great place for a holiday. Perhaps “holiday” is not the right word and a trip the arctic is always going to be an adventure. Arctic trips are not holidays where you’ll be relaxing, that’s for sure, instead you’ll probably be doing something very exhilarating.

Here are three reasons to consider an arctic, North Pole holiday:

As you get closer to the north pole you’re more likely to see the aurora borealis. Whilst watching the aurora is very much a spectator sport, it is just as exhilarating as anything else you’ll be doing in the snow. The northern lights become more visible depending on where you are and what time of the year you set out to see them.

One of the most intrepid things you can ever do is ice diving. This is where you will be diving beneath the ice sheet, into the mesmeric underworld below the arctic. If you want to try ice diving you need to be already a confident diver and there is an element of risk, one of the reasons why it’s just so exciting.

If you do want to spend some time relaxing them you might visit the coolest place on the planet, an ice hotel. The ice hotel is in Sweden but gives you all the magic and wonderment of an arctic wonderland, just remember to leave that bikini at home.

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