Tips To Make It Easier To Buy Ballet Shoes For Your Daughter

Buying your first pair of ballet shoes is one of those moments that stay with you for life. We took our daughter for a pair of Ballet Shoes at the weekend and she was giddy with excitement. Now I have, to be honest here, I knew nothing about Ballet Shoes up until a few weeks ago when our daughter expressed an interest in taking up ballet so I had to learn fast. We knew we would have to buy ballet leotards and would have to purchase Ballet Shoes at the same time so wanted to make sure we got the right pair. I could have taken the easy route and simply bought the first pair of Ballet Shoes I came across but that seemed wrong so I did a bit of research and raised a few pointers that would help up pick the perfect set of shoes.


The main thing to get right when you are choosing ballet shoes is to make sure they fit okay. It sounds a bit obvious but some people buy Ballet Shoes that are slightly on the small side and that can cramp the toes. Ballet Shoes should be close fitting but there should be enough room to wiggle the toes. So it is worth measuring the feet to get an accurate sizing and remember, children’s feet can suddenly grow so for that reason we chose shoes for our daughter that were slightly bigger just to be on the safe side.

The next thing we looked at was the material the Ballet Shoes were made from and like ballet leotards they come in a number of options. Canvas or leather Ballet Shoes are popular options for the Ballet dance and we went for a leather pair because we thought they would last a little longer even though they were slightly more expensive.

Another thing to consider is the elastic on ballet shoes that keep them on the dancer’s feet. I was ready to steam in and buy a pair of shoes that came with pre-sewn elastic. Apparently, though, it’s better to buy shoes that don’t have any elastic so you can sew the elastic in the perfect position for the ultimate in comfort levels. That’s what we did and our daughter’s Ballet Shoes are just as comfy as all the ballet leotards she wears for dance classes.

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