Tips To Purchase Cheap Disneyland Tickets If You Are On A Budget

Disneyland is literally the happiest place on the Earth and the thought of visiting it excites kids and adults equally. But, the cost associated with the trip to Disneyland can make the adults quite unhappy. However, there are certain ways which can help a person to get cheap Disneyland tickets 1 day which would help you to save hundreds of dollars on the next trip.

Listed below are a few tips that one must keep in mind before purchasing the ticket.

cheap Disneyland tickets 1 day

Purchase Only Official Discounted Disneyland Tickets

It is already known that Disneyland does not offer discounted tickets directly on their official website. However, there are some approved retailers who have partnered with Disney so as to provide tickets for a comparatively lower price. It is always wise to avoid buying tickets from unaffiliated sellers as more than often they try to resell the used tickets. Therefore, before making a purchase check for spammy sites and avoid wasting your money there.

Decide the Number of Days You Want the Tickets For

Disneyland sells two kinds of passes one of which is the park hopper pass and the other one is a one-park pass. The added advantage of choosing a park hopper pass is the fact that you get to access both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in a single day. With this pass, you aren’t limited to just one thing and can begin your adventure by starting in one of the parks and ending in the other one.

  • One day Disneyland Tickets – In case you do not much time in hand and really want to see the magic of Disneyland, then visiting there for one day might just be your only option. And, the great thing about this is that you can purchase cheap Disneyland tickets 1 day quite easily. The wise idea would be to purchase a non-hopper pass and visit just the park. Check the days and avoid weekends, national holidays which are literally the most expensive time to visit Disneyland.
  • Two days Disneyland Tickets- When you plan to visit the Disneyland for two days, the best suitable option would be to purchase the two-day hopper ticket which would allow you to have a day for each of the park and give you the chance to bounce back and forth between the parks as you like.
  • Three or More Days Tickets – Three or more days means you have a higher chance of saving more money. This is especially a good option for the Disney lovers and people who want to spend a bit more time experiencing the magic of Disneyland.

Apart from this, you can save even more when you travel during the off-season as you can save even on the hotel rates. During the peak season, the hotel rates skyrockets and it would be very difficult for a person traveling on a budget. In addition to that, you can purchase dining vouchers and the souvenirs in advance to save a bit more. Whatever you do, enjoy the whole thing while you are there and experience its magic.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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