Top Ten Tips On Photo Mosaic Picture?

Photo mosaics are the best artistic gift for our loved ones. Any grandparent will enjoy their grandchildren’s photographs. If we use their grand children’s photo graphs to make the big picture of the grandparents, we can’t imagine how happy the grandparents will be. They will be in heaven when they view the big picture and the small pictures of all their grandchildren laughing, playing, crying and enjoying their time with their parents. Such pictures are the best gift for them. It is a thrilling experience to see you through your grandchildren in the photo mosaic.

How to prepare a photo mosaic?

images (1)It is easy to create photo mosaic with the help of a number of software from the internet. There are many downloadable programs and instant programs available for us to create a photo mosaic. Photo mosaics are developed from the idea of a technique used in the space centers in 1954. The scientists used to take a series of pictures of the space objects. They stitch it to make a story out of it which will be useful for their analysis. This idea is developed with many variations by many people. One of the winners is Joseph Francis. He created an image with several others pictures using the computer. That is the first computer generated tiled photograph. It happened in 1993 only. Then slowly the technique is developed by many people with several variations. Later in 1995 the technique is filed for the intellectual property rights by Robert silver.

There is software used to create photo mosaic. The leading software is of two types namely the instant programs and the downloadable programs. The instant software will be cheap and economical. We can afford for it. Downloading the software is not necessary. But we have to pay whenever we want to take prints of the image. The software will allow taking the print once the payment is done. There is other software which can be bought online. Once we pay the money we can download and use it very easily. It is expensive to buy the software. Therefore, people find it easy to use the instant program rather than the downloadable one.

The instructions for both the programs are very clear and are easy to apply without anyone’s help. Even a small child can make it without anybody’s help. It is good to allow the children to use their imagination to create beautiful and the best photo mosaics with the available pictures in our computer library. The instant program allows us to pick any picture as the big overall picture. The big picture can be taken from the computer, camera, memory card, mobile phones or even from the internet. We need to use our imaginations to select the best picture for the photo mosaic.

Users are advised to concentrate more on the color pattern to create a vibrant photo mosaic. There is no fixed pattern or color for a photo mosaic. Anything can be a hit with right matching colors. Once we create a mosaic we can edit each and every tile in the picture to emphasize the idea of the picture. It will be very beautiful with the help of many tools. If we can use more than 1000 pictures we can create the best photo mosaics for all. Number of pictures will increase the resolution of the photo mosaics. We can have a detailed picture with a number of small pictures. We can use the programs gallery to have the template for creating photo mosaics. The more colors and the bright pictures will create and vibrant photo mosaic.

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