Using healthy foods to improve digestion

It’s a common enough problem: a rumble in the stomach, or bubbles in the abdomen that are distinctly uncomfortable. Digestive problems can cause pain and embarrassment, and for some people, they’re a long-term reality. The good news is that these daily discomforts can often be made a lot better with some simple changes in diet.

Food intolerance is often pointed to as a reason for misbehaving digestion, but there are other common options that can be looked at before any testing has to be done. Digestive health is not only affected by the things eaten; the way in which they are eaten also contributes.

The first area to look at is dietary habits that could be directly causing the problem. Things like fizzy drinks are an obvious culprit as they introduce gas into the system, making things uncomfortable. There are other meal habits, though, such as talking while eating, which can also introduce extra air.

A second place to look is the diet itself. There are a few healthy foods that can cause problems in some people. Beans, onions, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are common culprits and should be avoided by anyone with digestive complaints. It’s important to compensate for the cutting out of these vegetables with others, and people on a vegan diet particularly need to be careful about balancing things out.

There are many serious digestive complaints, and it is important to consult a doctor for any serious and ongoing symptoms. A change of diet, however, can lead to some amazing improvements.

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