What Are The Benefits Of Using Planogram Software?

Before discussing about planogram software it is very much important to understand what planograms are. Planograms are the tools that are used for visual merchandising. It is in fact a model or visual diagram that is used to indicate the allocation of retail products on the shelves of the given store. Also it allows the retailers to know about the numbers of facings of each product that should be positioned at particular shelf in order to increase the sales to the maximum extent possible. Such visual diagrams are designed and developed using planogram software. Here are some of the top benefits of using this important software in the retail industry.

Most optimal allocation of goods in the store

With the help of software meant for planogram designing, the retailers may optimize the allocation of goods in their store in the given space. It is because the concerned software is designed keeping in mind the given space and the various sections and shelves in any retail store. By making virtual adjustments over the software the goods can be allocated in an excellent manner in the real store as well without experiencing any difficulties. It is because the store owners just have to follow the visual display of the goods and make adjustments accordingly.

Saves time

Software used for designing and development of planogram for various retail stores proves to be time saving for the concerned owners. It is because they can save lots of time which is otherwise spent in making adjustments in the allocation of goods, products or items in real time. By proper planning and most optimal allocation of all the goods through the software within the available space they can save lots of time.

Saves energy

Like time planogram programming software proves to be energy saving as well. It is because the dependence upon physical labour is reduced considerably. Also the chances of making changes again and again in the allocation of goods or items are reduced significantly. Advanced planning using such software allows the retailers to save their energy which is otherwise spent unnecessarily on allocation of goods.

Increase in sales

It is another positive point that goes in favour of software used for planogram. By making the best allocation of goods according to demand of the various brands, items and products through such software the increase in any retail store can be increased to considerable extent. Not only allocation of the goods but planograms prepared by using relevant software helps in deciding about the facings of each product on the shelf so as to attract more and more customers. Thus the chances of selling of goods that are in high demand are also increased.

Good control over inventory

It is also one of the most important benefits of using planogram software. With the help of this software the retailers may have good control over the inventory. It is because they remain updated about the items sold and the quantities left aside. It also rules out chances of goods going out of stock.

These are all some of the major benefits of using planogram software.

Author: Cornelius Dennis

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