What You Need To Know About Debt Consolidation And Debt Settlement?

Getting into debt can be quite easy.  Your journey down that path may start as easily as borrowing a few bucks from payday loans, to getting larger amounts of commercial loans from a bank and to excessive and extravagant use of your credit cards until you cannot help it.  imagesHaving a single debt can be daunting enough to clear and having multiple debts at the same time can be that nightmare you dread most. Debt consolidation is a process in which a number of loans are merged together to be paid as a single loan.

Debt settlement tips

  • Seek details about your debts. Understanding the status of your debt is a crucial step towards achieving a reasonable arrangement about settling it. As such, it is important to first determine how much debt you owe your creditors. Curadebt reviews should help you understand how to go about doing this. On the same note, check whether any of your creditors have written off the debt or not. In the occasion that a creditor writes off your debt, you will be notified of the same and as such required to claim the written off debt as your income for which you will pay taxes. Once that is done, you legally be free of that debt. 

  • Statute of limitations. This is one thing you will want to understand before taking any step towards settling any of your debts.  A statute of limitations is basically an agreement made by your lender spelling the period the loan will be valid. That is, depending on a number of things, you will usually have a time limit to repay your loans and upon completion of that period, your lender will have no legally right to demand payment of the loans.  Worth noting here however is that once the SOL period expires, the debt will be cancelled from your account; however, this does not necessarily mean that your creditor cannot sue you unless of course the SOL has passed. 

  • Understand that the process can be quite time consuming.  There is no guarantee that your creditor will be so willing to make a debt settlement agreement with you. For that reason therefore, it may take some time to negotiate and come up with an agreeable arrangement for your company.

In as much as there may be several other ways to get rid of your debts, settlement remains the best option. Prior settlement of your debts will among other things enhance your credit score and help you make a good credit report which you may find quite helpful when need arises again to borrow.

Finding the right debt settlement company

In  as much as it is possible to try and reach a debt settlement with your creditor on your own,  hiring a debt settlement company can save you both the time and heartache you will go through trying to make an agreement. There exist several such companies that you can hire, however, the best for you will be determined by;

  • Cost of services. This is one important consideration you must take before hiring any company.  Look for a company that provides the best options in regard to both services and the cost.   While at it, you may want to consider leaving out companies that ask for any form of payment prior to provision of you required type of services. 

  • Experience is another important consideration to take when hiring a company.  Here look at how long the company has been in operation and at the same time, consider checking how successful the company has been in the cases it has previously handled.  The company’s reputation is another thing to countercheck before hiring. Curadebt reviews can provide you with such useful information. 

  • Other factors to consider before hiring any company to negotiate with your creditor on debt settlement include terms of services, qualification of the company’s personnel especially those that will handle your case and the approximated time it will be providing the services.

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