When is Halloween Celebrated in UK ?


Indubitably, Halloween is the time of jack-o-lanterns, bonfire and apple bobbing and yes, we also cannot miss the dresses for the Halloween that takes most of the mother’s creative energies as their kid’s exuberant wishes. It is the time of fun, mystery and spookiness to blend together to get some extra sensory experience that marks this day of high anticipation and excitement.

There is no denying to the fact that Halloween is the most awaited festival in the calendar especially for children it is the day of ultimate fun and excitement. Even the adults are equally enthusiastic about this festival as this is one of the most delightful and creative festival on its own where people can plunge into the pool of haunting and creepy layers and create fabulous ways of celebrating this festival in high spirits.

The festival is observed with high doze of thrill and exuberance on the last day of October that is 31st October. People use to believe that at this day the spirits tend to come to life and it therefore become quintessential to protect the human soul from the evil spirits. Hence, it gives way to the tradition of the bonfire that is the symbolic gesture to get rid of the space form the negative forces as the fire has the sanctifying properties.

Halloween party is the major attraction of this incredible occasion. It is really thrilling to find the people in the ghostly costumes, zombie makeup and highly creative ways of giving people a serious whack! Spiders, bats, black cats and all the creepy crawlies make their way to be a part of this festival. Some are symbolic while other is for fun and to add the spookiness. Sincerely, there is no such occasion as fascinating nod exhilarating as Halloween. So make sure you enjoy this through and through!

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