Where To Get Female Mannequins For Sale

Mannequins are essential in the field of retail business. These human-like dolls are used in window displays in order to showcase clothes, accessories and varied merchandise. Since they are life-like, a passerby can be able to picture themselves wearing those clothes. They can even assess beforehand if those items would also look good for them. Then they hit the store and buy those. Majority of the sales of those stores can be attributed to the mannequins displayed. Because of that, these are proven effective marketing strategies.

Getting the right mannequins for your store is ideal for marketing success. Before even jumping where to get female mannequins for sale, here are key things to consider.

1.   Mannequin Type

There are already a lot of mannequins. The question now is what form to get? If you are considering getting a full-size female mannequin, there are three types that you can choose. These are realistic, faceless and headless. The realistic ones are those with faces that have makeup and colors. The faceless ones have beautifully shaped heads that are sleek and have a clean face canvas. The headless mannequins are the ones showcasing the neck to the feet. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to get a mannequin type that would fit your merchandise best.

2.   Budget

Another important item to keep in mind would be your budget. If you are rather low in that area and starting your business, you can better get cheaper ones for less than $60. If you are considering buying a new one, you might need to shell out over $100 per piece.

3.   Quantity

Aside from the budget constraint, you also need to realize how many mannequins to get. If you have a big and a wide window display, getting only one mannequin is not suggested. You must incorporate at least five in order to fill in the display. If you own a rather small boutique with a little window display, displaying one is suggested. The number of female mannequins again is dependent on the size of the display.

Where to get these mannequins

There are already a lot of outlets where you can get those. One, there is the Internet. Simply open up your search engine and from there type in the keyword, female mannequins. It will then display results of stores selling those. You can get both new and used mannequins. There are even directory sites and marketplace forums where you can be able to search the kind of mannequin that you are looking for. If you want a way cheaper alternative, you can go to boutiques selling their old mannequins. This is what most retailers do if they want to find specific mannequins too.

The quality might not be as beautiful as the new ones but at least you can be able to get say a realistic mannequin for lesser market value. At least you can be able to add in the quantity or the number if necessary. You might also need to clean these old mannequins too.

Author: Lee Walters

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