Why Large Companies Use Shopping Cart Ads

When you go to your local supermarket, stop and think for a moment about how many advertisements you see. Once you start looking, you will be surprised by how many ads you see while shopping. The interesting thing is that all of these advertisements are actually being absorbed by your brain, at least on some level. One of the most surprising, yet effective forms of marketing you will come across in the supermarket are shopping cart ads.

They are small but effective advertisements that are placed on the end of each shopping cart. They are very popular with large national and multinational firms because they work so well. Literally hundreds of people see this kind of advertisement every day. In busy supermarkets, thousands see shopping cart advertisements. This makes them great for branding. They are the kind of advertisement that is seen and registered without people really realizing it, but they do make a big impression.

Any company can potentially use shopping cart ads

The good thing about shopping cart ads is that they can be used by any size or type of firm. They are particularly effective for local firms that offer a service. It is even possible to incorporate a QR code into an advertisement. This allows shoppers who want to save the company’s details to simply scan the code with their smartphone and use the contact details when they get home. There are many ways shopping cart ads can be used by companies wanting to promote themselves. A good agency will tell you more.

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